Concrete Sealers for Healthcare Facilities


Antimicrobial Concrete Sealer Treatment for the Healthcare IndustryAntimicrobial Sealer for Healthcare Industry

Medical industry professionals have a responsibility to provide their patients and clients with the healthiest atmosphere possible; whether it’s a hospital, walk-in clinic, pharmacy lab, nursing home, or a single practice doctor’s office, preventing microbial growth is essential to their responsibility.

If a healthcare facility has a moisture problem in any of its concrete substrates, mold, fungus, and mildew may grow beneath flooring materials, leading to breathing problems for those with lung issues. Bone Dry concrete moisture mitigation products fill the tiny pores and interstitial spaces where moisture can hide and eventually surface.

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Prepare Your Medical Facility's Concrete Floors with Etch-a-Crete

When you use Bone Dry’s Etch-A-Crete solution on your untreated concrete floor, we can ensure the deepest penetration of your concrete sealer, providing a unique vapor barrier for the best moisture mitigation possible. Our etching solution increases the porosity of hard-troweled surfaces so Bone Dry Pro, Bone Dry Original, or Bone Dry plus absorbed more effectively, providing concrete with the ultimate in waterproofing. Don’t wait – learn more about our Etch-a-Crete solution today.

Stop Penetration of Bodily Fluids into Concrete with Bone Dry Products

Healthcare facilities are specifically vulnerable to spills of bodily fluids on their floors. Hospitals, medical offices, assisted living facilities, and senior living homes all require well-sealed concrete to prevent the absorption of urine, blood, and other fluids. Once absorbed, these fluids lead to bad odors and mold growth in concrete substrates. Bone Dry’s moisture mitigation products prevent absorption of these fluids, with options for antimicrobial protections also available.

Prevent Mold and Bacterial Growth with Bone Dry Plus

Anti-Microbial Concrete Moisture Mitigating Sealer

Antimicrobial Concrete Sealer for Sale

Bone Dry Plus provides additional protection against mold and organic growth while offering the same permanent moisture mitigation as Bone Dry Original. Bone Dry Plus creates a moisture barrier in concrete subfloors to prevent moisture from surfacing, and also contains antimicrobials to prevent microbial growth.

Have a Large Concrete Sealing Project?

Bone Dry Pro is THE solution for moisture mitigation and prevention of bacterial growth on the surface of large concrete slabs. Depending on the porosity of the concrete surface, Bone Dry products can cover approximately 220 ft2 per gallon. Bone Dry Pro also has an industry-leading 20-year product warranty.

Prevent mold and microbial growth in healthcare facilities – Order Bone Dry Plus and other moisture mitigation solutions from Bone Dry.

Quick Dry Add-On for Even Faster Curing

Bone Dry products are available with an optional Quick Dry add-on to reduce curing time to as little as six hours! Contractors love to finish projects under quoted completion times, and Bone Dry concrete sealer products offer unsurpassed time-saving potential.


Cost-Saving Alternative to Epoxy-Based Moisture Mitigation Solutions

Bone Dry Pro is a water-based concrete moisture mitigation product and is applicable during the troweling process – unlike epoxy-based sealers which usually need to be applied after a long curing process. Epoxies can cost up to 75% more per square foot than Bone Dry Products.

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