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Bone Dry Driveway Sealer

Bone Dry Driveway Sealer is a specially made concrete sealer for outdoor applications. Great for patios, driveways, sidewalks, and other outdoor concrete slabs.

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Key Features:
  • Outdoor

200-250 square feet per gallon

Product Info:
  • Prevents penetration of salt and other contaminants
  • Prevents dusting
  • Seals and creates a barrier below the surface
  • Eliminates moisture emission from below

Important Documents:

Bone Dry Driveway Sealer: The Ultimate Outdoor Concrete Sealer

Our new concrete driveway sealer is made specifically for sealing, densifying and protecting your driveway from the daily wear and tear that your driveway will face. Bone Dry Driveway Sealer has excellent resistance to the freeze-thaw cycle which is one of the most common causes of damage to outdoor concrete slabs. Protect the surface of your concrete driveway and extend it’s lifespan with Bone Dry Driveway Sealer. This sealer is specifically made to protect outdoor concrete slabs like driveways, patios, and sidewalks. As a penetrating concrete sealer, the Bone Dry Driveway Sealer leaves the surface of the concrete unchanged so you don’t lose any slip resistance like you would with an acrylic or epoxy sealer, which are more designed for indoor use.

How Bone Dry Driveway Sealer Protects Your Outdoor Concrete Slabs

Abrasion Resistance: Bone Dry Driveway Sealer will increase your driveway’s resistance to the regular wear and tear that driveways face including vehicles, foot traffic, and the natural elements.

Reduced Cracking & Spalling: The sealer also acts as a densifier to strengthen the internal bonds within the concrete, creating a more solid slab that better resists damage.

Increased Freeze/Thaw Resistance: Headquartered in Wisconsin, we’re familiar with the extreme variances of temperature that your concrete will face and we’ve paid close attention to how our driveway sealer is able to withstand the freeze/thaw process.

Prevents Salt Penetration: Salt can quickly lead to damaged concrete and it is important to keep salt from penetrating the surface of your slab.

Testing Information

Test Bone Dry Driveway Sealer
Abrasion Resistance @ 25 Cycles 1 - Very Slight
Abrasion Resistance @ 50 Cycles 2 - Slight
Water Absorption 70% Reduction
Freeze/Thaw Durability @ 300 Cycles 98%
Chloride Penetration @ 1" 0.064%

How To Apply Bone Dry Driveway Sealer

Before applying the sealer to your concrete driveway you must clean the surface to ensure it is free of dirt or other debris. Applying the sealer to an unclean surface will prevent the sealer from fully penetrating the concrete and creating an effective moisture barrier. You can then use a battery or pump sprayer with a wide fan tip. Apply the first coat of the sealer, it should have a wet to slightly cloudy appearance. Allow the sealer to soak into the concrete for no more than 10 minutes and apply a second coat. On large jobs, it will be helpful to section off your work area into 1,000 to 2,000 square-foot sections.



Does Bone Dry Driveway Sealer dry clear?

Yes, Bone Dry Driveway Sealer dries clear.




Does Bone Dry Driveway Sealer dry clear?

Yes, Bone Dry Driveway Sealer dries clear.

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