Concrete Sealers for Food Production Facilities

Food Production

Concrete Floor Moisture Mitigation for Restaurants and Food Production FacilitiesConcrete Sealers for Food Production Facilities

Food production and processing facilities all need to adhere to many federal government standards so everything will be processed and stored in a clean, sterile environment. Food and beverage plants, mills, breweries, and many other types of food production places need to put an emphasis on cleanliness, and that includes the facility’s floors. A protective and penetrating floor coating system should always be implemented in a facility that handles food or beverage, and contractors will find the best possible solutions with Bone Dry.

The floor of a food production facility is exposed to all kinds of food and beverage byproducts, some of which could contaminate or even damage the concrete floors. Don’t put your facility at risk of being a breeding ground of germs and bacteria – get the best high-quality penetrating concrete sealers from Bone Dry today!

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Protect Finished Flooring with Bone Dry Plus and Bone Dry Pro Sealers

Food processing facilities need floors with the best possible protection, and Bone Dry Pro and Bone Dry Plus sealers do just that. Mold and microbe growth can be a serious issue wherever moisture is present, and Bone Dry Plus applied to new or existing concrete will create a chemical vapor barrier preventing moisture from surfacing. Additionally, Bone Dry Pro penetrates through concrete surfaces and produces a barrier from within the concrete to create a waterproof sealant.

Check out our Bone Dry Plus Antimicrobial Sealer today.

Bone Dry Acryl-A-Seal Prevents Surface Staining and Bacteria

If your new construction’s concrete floors need to have the highest-quality surface sealers in order to prevent bacterial growth and surface staining, Bone Dry Acryl-A-Seal effectively protects all types of concrete floor surfaces, and it has a wide range of benefits when used, including:

Meeting government requirements of a sanitary processing facility is imperative for every plant operator to meet, and Bone Dry provides the very best protection from all kinds of germs and bacteria.

Check out some of Bone Dry’s most popular moisture mitigation products to ensure you have the most protected concrete floor surface possible:

Get Everything You Need with the Bone Dry Pro System20 Year Warranty

Working on a big project? The Bone Dry Pro System provides everything building contractors need to protect their facility’s concrete flooring. Get everything you need in one package customized for your specific need – choose among Bone Dry sealer, primer, applicators, sprayers, safety equipment, and more with our Bone Dry Pro System package. Call us today at 262-694-9748 to learn more about it.

Order your concrete sealers from Bone Dry today, or contact us if you have any questions about our products.
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