Bone Dry is a National Wood Flooring Association Member

NWFA is a not-for-profit trade association involved in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, installation, import/export, consultation, and inspection of wood flooring. The organization has been educating consumers on benefits, maintenance, and moisture management of wood flooring and helps consumers connect with certified dealers, installers, and contractors.

Bone Dry Products has wood flooring manufacturing deep in its DNA. Bone Dry’s president/owner James Gourley also owns Prairie Shores Co., which manufactures engineered and solid wood flooring for commercial and residential use. Through ownership of these businesses, Jim acquired membership in the National Wood Flooring Association, and has gained a deep understanding of the effect of concrete substrate moisture on wood flooring.

Bone Dry Products Helps Manage Moisture in Wood Flooring

Wood expands and contracts naturally from the conditions of its environment. Properly installed flooring has precise spacing to accommodate these changes. However, if moisture seeps up from any concrete substrates on which the flooring is installed, it can get trapped below the floor boards. This can lead to mold and mildew growth, warping of wood and the breakdown of flooring adhesives.

Bone Dry Products protects wooden floors from moisture by creating a chemical vapor barrier deep in the concrete. Moisture transmitted from beneath the concrete slab is unable to surface and keeps moisture from coming into contact with the wooden floor covering.

To learn more about how Bone Dry’s concrete moisture mitigation products will protect wood flooring from the damage from concrete floor moisture emission, contact us today.
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