Concrete Sealers for University Buildings

Concrete Sealers for Schools & University Buildings

Bone Dry Penetrating Sealers Provides Protection for School Facility FloorsConcrete Sealing Solutions for School Facilities

Colleges and universities constantly have to accommodate thousands of students on a daily basis, meaning the various buildings’ floors are under constant wear and tear. Universities undergoing expansions or remodeling need to find contractors who will properly seal and protect the concrete substrates before adding the proper floor coverings. Contracting businesses throughout the United States trust Bone Dry for the best penetrating concrete sealants at the lowest possible prices.

When constructing or remodeling a facility at your school or university, you can trust the experts at Bone Dry with the best sealers to help you save time and money. Contact us today to get a quote for our services.

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Bone Dry products have been used to seal concrete substrates in a variety of school and university buildings, including:

Minnesota State University - Mankato, MN
Carthage College Field House - Kenosha, WI
Carthage College Residence Hall - Kenosha, WI
UC San Diego - San Diego, CA
Wahiawa Elementary School Library - Wahiawa, HI
Williston High School - Williston, ND
New Providence Middle/High School - New Providence, NJ
NJSDA Elementary School #3 - Jersey City, NJ
Lewisburg Area High School - Lewisburg, PA
St. Amant High School - St. Amant, LA
Whitehall Middle School - Whitehall, MI
Zion-Benton Township High School - Zion, IL
IDEA Cortana Academy and College Prep – Baton Rouge, LA
Southwestern Michigan University - Dowagiac, MI
Canon-McMillan High School - Canonsburg, NY

Bone Dry Pro Offers Quality Treatment for Concrete Substrates

The experts at Bone Dry have developed a complete solution called Bone Dry Pro for sealing large commercial concrete slabs for new and existing substrates. This moisture mitigation solution can be applied at least an hour after fresh concrete is poured, meaning you don’t have to wait for the concrete to be fully cured in order to apply a sealer.

Bone Dry Pro’s ultimate sealing capabilities perform many functions for freshly-poured concrete, including:

Bone Dry Works Hand-In-Hand with Midwestern UniversitiesConcrete Sealers for University Buildings

Both Carthage College in Kenosha, WI and Minnesota State in Mankato, MN have benefitted from using Bone Dry Pro for their new facilities’ flooring. Minnesota State needed a new dining hall to serve up to 3,000 people, and the school’s contractors trusted Bone Dry Pro to protect the new building from moisture damage and mold growth. Additionally, Carthage College built a new 50,000 sq. ft. residence hall and applied Bone Dry Pro at the time of the pour, saving them a ton of time on a tight construction schedule.

Schools and universities throughout the US are constantly updating their facilities with new additions and satellite locations. When your construction team is building a new wing or addition to a university, Bone Dry Pro is the best concrete sealer for any contractor working on a deadline. Our penetrating sealers will create a waterproof barrier from within concrete floors, and can be applied at least an hour after fresh concrete is poured. Most sealers can only be applied after a concrete floor is fully cured, which usually takes weeks, but Bone Dry Pro’s special formula is made to be the complete solution for all types of concrete floors. The speed with which Bone Dry Pro can be applied to your freshly-poured concrete floors can save days on the job!  

Bone Dry products will cover all of your concrete treatment and waterproofing projects!


The Bone Dry Pro System for Concrete Moisture Mitigation

The Bone Dry Pro System has been used by contractors all over the country to seal concrete floor substrates in large commercial projects like university buildings. Our specialized system includes everything you’ll need to waterproof the concrete and apply your floor covering. You’ll receive enough Bone Dry Pro for the project, sprayers to apply it, Etch-A-Crete to open pores in the slab, and the proper safety equipment. The Bone Dry Pro System also includes freight to your job site.

If you’re interested in using Bone Dry Pro or the Bone Dry Pro System for your university’s facility, you can order it online today or contact us for additional information.

If you’re interested in using Bone Dry Pro or the Bone Dry Pro System for your university’s facility, you can order it online today or contact us for additional information.
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