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Concrete Surface Etching & Preparation

Bone Dry Etch-A-Crete and Primer to Prep Your Concrete Floor

Preparing your floor is essential when you want to use your floor sealers and coatings to maximum effectiveness. Hard-troweled concrete requires etching from Bone Dry’s Etch-A-Crete to properly allow the penetrating sealer to work. Etching the surface of the concrete opens the small pores in the concrete that can trap and hold moisture. Applying a concrete sealer after the preparation will allow the sealer to penetrate deeper and establish a better seal. Bone Dry Primer is designed to be used on CMU block walls before applying one of our penetrating sealers.

Contact the concrete surface prep professionals at Bone Dry today, or check out our low prices for Etch-A-Crete and Primer solutions.

Concrete Surface Etching & Preparation

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Starting at $90.00

For use on hard-troweled concrete

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Starting at $65.00

For use on CMU block walls or extremely porous concrete

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Powerful low-foaming, low-VOC industrial degreaser for cleaning concrete.

Etch-A-Crete is a low VOC and ecologically friendly concrete etching solution that will improve absorption, and remove the following:

  • Efflorescence (white mineral deposits)
  • Stains from rust, minerals, smoke residue
  • Airborne pollutants
  • Airborne dirt and industrial carbon
  • Weathering discoloration
  • Algae, fungus, and mildew
  • Rust and corrosion products on metals
  • Cement build-up on tools and equipment

If you need to improve absorption or have stains and contaminants you want removed, Etch-A-Crete is the product you want.

Some concrete is too porous to properly seal with only the Bone Dry sealers. Previous concrete, cinder blocks, or concrete that is too porous requires a primer in addition to a sealer to properly seal the concrete. Our primer is designed to react with our sealers to create a permanent moisture barrier and seal.

Contact the concrete surface prep professionals at Bone Dry today if you have any questions, or check out our low prices for Etch-A-Crete and Primer solutions.

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