Sealers for Architectural Concrete


Sealers for Architectural ConcreteArchitectural Concrete

Architectural concrete usually requires surface sealing for a clear, semi-gloss finish. For architects concerned with protecting decorative architectural concrete, Bone Dry offers surface sealers that repel contaminants and protect against staining, water damage and efflorescence.

  • Bone Dry Original: Waterproofs and seals a multitude of building materials including wood, concrete, brick & stucco
  • Bone Dry EM Coating: excellent chemical resistance to common warehouse fluids, gasoline, anti-freeze, brake fluid, solvents, salts,  acetone, and alcohol.

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Bone Dry provided expert moisture mitigation solutions for the Westminster Presbyterian Church expansion in Minneapolis, MN. Learn more about it here!


Protect Architectural Designs with Concrete Surface Sealers

Whether you’re an architect designing for residential, commercial or industrial buildings, the expectation is to blend form and function into a structure. Most building damage is brought about or exacerbated by concrete moisture due to environmental and/or chemical stresses.

Bone Dry concrete surface sealers are the first line of defense against architectural concrete damage. Bone Dry Multi-Shield and EM Coating guard against common architectural concrete damage including:

  • Cracking
  • Staining
  • UV Degradation
  • Delamination
  • Spalling
  • Reinforced Steel Oxidation

Untreated building materials are at risk of structural and aesthetic damage. Within the first five years, 55% of new buildings have damage to architectural building materials, representing billions of dollars in repair costs. Using Bone Dry sealing products reduces maintenance expenses and extends the lifespan of architectural designs.

Prep Your Architectural Concrete Floors with Bone Dry’s Etch-a-Crete

Damage to your concrete floor is likely to happen when you don’t treat it with the proper sealants. If your commercial building’s concrete floor needs waterproofing and has been hard-troweled, an etching solution is essential to providing the deepest penetration our unique sealers. Bone Dry Etch-A-Crete increases the porosity of hard-troweled concrete surfaces so Bone Dry Pro, Bone Dry Original, or Bone Dry plus absorbed more effectively, providing concrete with the ultimate waterproofed surface.

Improve Consistency and Performance of Architectural Concrete

Architects working with concrete contractors want consistency above all during construction, ideally with the fewest control joints possible. With few or no control joints, concrete cracking becomes a more likely scenario.

Bone Dry products reduce premature cracking due to moisture infiltration and prevent:

  • Chloride and sulfate damage
  • Steel corrosion
  • Freeze/thaw damage
  • Other types of physical damage

Our warrantied concrete sealers contribute minimally to the cost of construction and prevent thousands of dollars in damage due to moisture infiltration.

Additional Benefits of Bone Dry Products

Bone Dry’s three flagship concrete sealing products:

  • Can be applied to horizontal or non-horizontal surfaces
  • Are LEED-certified building products
  • Permanent
  • Non-toxic & non-combustible
  • Odorless
  • Cost-effective
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