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Bone Dry EM Coating

Interface additive and adhesion promoter for coatings. Sizing agent for glass fibers used in insulation and reinforcement

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Key Features:
  • No Wrinkling
  • No change to the existing appearance
  • No yellowing from UV exposure
  • Will extend the service life of exterior surface 10+ years
  •  Pencil hardness (surpasses 6H)
  • Excellent resistance to rainwater ingress, free/thaw conditions, and environmental wear & tear


  • Indoor
  • Commercial

 Important Documents:


Bone Dry Epoxy Modified Coating

Bone Dry EM (epoxy modified) Coating is a durable, low VOC, 2-part epoxy modified surface coating with excellent chemical resistance to the common manufacturing, production and warehouse fluids, gasoline, anti-freeze, brake fluid, solvents, salts, acetone, alcohol and puddling water. Bone Dry EM Coating’s durability will withstand scratching, forklift traffic and bonds to concrete and existing sealers.

What are Modified Epoxy Sealers?

Modified epoxy is an altered sealer, modified to incorporate other properties. Bone Dry's EM Coating is formulated for increased flexibility, low shrinkage, high peel strength and extreme resistance to high traffic conditions. We combine the traditional elements of epoxy with added, beneficial features.

Bone Dry EM Coating Advantages

  • FDA 117.1390 approved for direct contact with food
  • Does not require concrete grinding
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • No wrinkling
  • Minimal reduction in slip resistance
  • Resistant to forklift traffic
  • Same pencil hardness as standard epoxy (surpasses 6H)
  • High resistance to Gasoline, Motor Oil, Anti-freeze, Brake Fluid and Alkaline Cleaners commonly used for concrete
  • Contains no polyisocyanate
  • Convenient spray application

Price Advantages of Bone Dry EM Coating

Our modified epoxy offers all the benefits above at a lower cost than typical epoxy systems. The maximum cost of Bone Dry Epoxy Modified Coating is $0.50 per square foot. Most epoxy coating systems run $5.50 per square foot.

Bone Dry EM Coating Uses

Choose the #1 alternative to Epoxy Coating Systems for an affordable, long-lasting solution. Bone Dy EM Coating is perfect for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, food processing facilities and packaging facilities. 

Concrete Floor Preparation

Remodeled Surfaces Clean surface debris, peeling coating, or cracking. Surface must be dry.
Newly Cured Concrete Surfaces Allow slab to cure for 28 days before application. Clean surface of debris, peeling coating, or cracking. Slab must be dry.


How to Apply Bone Dry EM Coating

    1. Mask off any finished surfaces and equipment before application.
    2. Mix the coupling agent into Bone Dry EM Coating
    3. Stir with an electric drill mixing paddle for 3 to 5 minutes
    4. Apply one coat to the existing surface
    5. Allow the coat to dry overnight. Do not allow foot or vehicle traffic
    6. After 72 hours, remove uncured material with running water. Scrub as needed 

Acceptable Equipment for Application:

  • Pump sprayer
  • Battery Powered Sprayer
  • Mop
  • Roller


Q1: What is the pot life of Bone Dry EM Coating?
A1: The pot life is 12 hours.

Q2: How long does it take Bone Dry EM Coating to cure?
A2: The cure time is 72 hours.

Q3: What is the spread rate of Bone Dry EM Coating?
A3: The spread rate is 300 square feet per gallon.

Q4: How can I store extra Bone Dry EM Coating?
A4: Store any unmixed product in a conditioned space. Temperatures must range between 35 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q5: Can I freeze unmixed Bone Dry 
A5: NO. Do not freeze this product.

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