Aurora Health Care - Burlington, WI

Concrete Sealers for Healthcare Facilities

Product: Bone Dry Pro

Floor Covering: Vinyl

New Outpatient Surgery Facility Needs Moisture Mitigation

Aurora has been serving Burlington for decades. As the city’s needs outgrew the hospital, the time came to expand. Part of the hospital’s expansion plans included building a new facility to house outpatient surgery, cancer care, and other health services. The project began in 2015, scheduled for completion in 2016.

With a tight deadline, the critical path of construction did not leave much time to let the concrete floors cure.

Flooring contractors were concerned moisture trapped in the slabs would emulsify the adhesive they use to attach the floor covering. Keeping construction on track and solving the moisture mitigation problem required a quick, permanent solution.

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Penetrating Concrete Sealer Keeps Construction Schedule Running on Time

Many firms turn to two-part epoxies to waterproof concrete. The downside is that epoxies are very expensive and require grinding or shot blasting, followed by a skim coat. The total cost of using an epoxy moisture mitigation product is several days and many man-hours.

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Bone Dry Pro, conversely, costs significantly less, applies quickly and is ready for flooring installations in six hours, under ideal conditions.

With Bone Dry Pro, you only have to grind or shot blast the surface if there’s already adhesive or sealant on the slab. Since Aurora had just poured new concrete, there was no need to prepare the surface other than making sure it was clean. With a simple backpack sprayer, the Bone Dry Pro was applied to the concrete slab and allowed to dry.

Antibacterial Properties Make Bone Dry Pro Ideal for Use in Healthcare Facilities

Mold, mildew and other microbes can live and grow underneath vinyl or other flooring materials, potentially causing health problems for patients. Not only does Bone Dry Pro apply quickly and easily, it also disinfects the surface of the concrete. Waterproofing the slab, Bone Dry Pro prevents mold and mildew growth by eliminating the water it needs to live.

It also cleans the concrete, ensuring floors do not harbor any pathogens.

With Bone Dry Pro’s 20 year warranty against moisture-related flooring problems, Aurora Health Care’s new facility can depend on their new floors not letting them down.

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