Bone Dry Pro Is Used for All Types of Construction

Bone Dry Pro

Commercial-grade moisture mitigation package for large-scale applications on new or existing concrete.

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20 Year Warranty


  • 20-year flooring replacement warranty protecting against concrete moisture-related failures
  • Adhesive and finished flooring is included in the 20-year warranty
  • System can be applied at the pour, to newly cured slab, or to older existing slabs
  • Flooring can be installed 6 hours after application

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  • Indoor
  • Commercial

220-360 sqft. per gallon depending on density of concrete


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Antimicrobial, Permanent Moisture Mitigation for New or Existing Concrete SlabsMoisture Mitigation for Concrete Slabs

Whether it’s a tight construction deadline or an existing concrete floor without a vapor barrier underneath, moisture mitigation is a serious concern. Failure to address moisture infiltration leads to many problems:

  • Mold and mildew will grow under mats or non-permeable floor coverings
  • Metal objects left on the floor will rust
  • Cardboard boxes will soak up water and become soggy
  • Urethane, latex, acrylic, and water-based adhesives will emulsify and fail

You may notice your carpet starting to roll, tiles popping off the floor or vinyl flooring curling at the seams. These are all classic symptoms of moisture vapor transmission through the concrete breaking down the adhesive. You may even notice you're concrete slab is sweating in even low-humidity environments.

Moisture problems in new or existing concrete must be addressed before flooring can be applied or repaired. Fortunately for contractors, Bone Dry Pro is a quick, easy-to-apply moisture mitigation product designed for use under floor coverings on both new and existing slabs.

Bone Dry Pro Used for Roofing System Protection

Sealer for Roofing System Protection

Bone Dry's permanent, low VOC sealer is a cost-effective solution to protecting finished surfaces and roofing systems from concrete moisture-related issues.

Bone Dry Pro protects roofing systems from numerous potential concrete moisture-related problems. These concrete moisture issues can include saturating insulation and cover boards, causing adhered systems to delaminate, or increasing the risk of corrosion to metal components. Applying Bone Dry Pro eliminates these concerns by creating a barrier beneath the surface of the concrete. 

Get More and Do More with the Bone Dry Pro System

All in One Concrete Sealing Package

Bone Dry Products experts developed a complete solution for sealing large commercial concrete slabs for new and existing substrates. The Bone Dry Pro System capitalizes on our years of experience installing a variety of flooring systems on concrete substrates.

With the Bone Dry Pro System’s penetrating sealant package, you get everything you need to properly seal and treat concrete and prevent moisture damage. Whether you’re pouring a new concrete floor for a hospital or need a moisture mitigation solution for an existing warehouse floor, the Bone Dry Pro System has you covered. Don’t have a concrete etching compound on hand? No problem. Don’t have an application sprayer? We provide one. Looking for a 20-year warranty against moisture-related failures? With the Bone Dry Pro System, you’ve got one.

Contact the concrete sealing experts at Bone Dry to order your unique Bone Dry Pro System.

Apply Bone Dry Pro Sealer Immediately After the Pour

Bone Dry penetrating sealers will create a waterproof barrier from within concrete floors, and now Bone Dry Pro sealer can be applied at least an hour after fresh concrete is poured. Most sealers can only be applied after a concrete floor is fully cured, which usually takes weeks, but Bone Dry Pro’s special formula is made to be the complete solution for all types of concrete floors. The speed with which Bone Dry Pro can be applied to your freshly-poured concrete floors can save days on the job!

Applying Bone Dry Pro sealer immediately after the pour is only one of the many benefits of using our product. Some other benefits include: 

  • Fewer contractors – with Bone Dry’s easy-to-apply spray application, Bone Dry Pro won’t need a whole team of contractors to apply the penetrating sealer to concrete flooring.
  • Less labor intensive – since Bone Dry Pro with Quick Dry replaces the need for a cure and seal product, contractors are able to work faster and stay on schedule for longer projects or larger commercial concrete-pouring jobs
  • Installation included for larger commercial projects – Call us at 262-694-9748 to learn more.
  • No need for a cure and seal product – Bone Dry Pro with Quick Dry is a penetrating sealer that hardens substrates while creating an antimicrobial barrier on the surface to prevent future mold and mildew growth.

What do I get with the Bone Dry Pro System?

The Bone Dry Pro System is the result of decades of experience in concrete floor sealing. We’ve packaged all the tools and products you need to completely treat newly poured concrete substrates or seal existing concrete structures in your building. With all necessary equipment included, contractors are never scrambling for a sprayer or the appropriate adhesive spreading trowel at the last minute.

The Pro System Includes as Needed:Equipment Included with Bone Dry Pro System

  • Bone Dry Pro – The ultimate in chemical-based concrete vapor barriers, with antimicrobial properties and added Quick Dry for shortened curing times
  • Etch-A-Crete – Opens pores of hard troweled and smooth concrete substrates to allow full penetration of the concrete sealant
  • Application Sprayers – Pressurized sprayers evenly apply the sealing or etching solutions
  • Safety Equipment – Safety glasses, gloves and more
  • Trowels – Proper spreading trowels for any floor covering application
  • 20-Year Warranty – Protects customers from moisture-related failures in concrete structures where Bone Dry Pro is applied

Custom Concrete Sealing Packages with Flexible Pricing

With Bone Dry’s purpose-built system, we create custom product packages unique to your project – you won’t be sent or billed for items you don’t need and won’t use. We’ll adjust the pricing depending on your requirements. The three major factors we consider for custom Bone Dry Systems are:

  1. Construction Size
  2. New or Existing Concrete Substrate
  3. Type of Floor Covering Used
Contact Bone Dry to order your Custom Bone Dry System and we’ll build to suit!

Fast Installation and Quick Dry Time Yield Permanent Waterproofing against Moisture Infiltration

A water-based, penetrating concrete sealer, Bone Dry Pro formula penetrates through the concrete surface, fills the capillaries in the slab and produces a barrier within the concrete. The result is a permanent waterproof barrier protecting the floor coverings from moisture damage. Properly applied, Bone Dry prevents moisture based failures with their warranty for 20 years.

Unlike epoxies and other moisture mitigation products, Bone Dry does not normally require surface preparation. You only need to grind or shot blast the surface of the slab if there is an adhesive or sealing product on it. If the concrete has been hard troweled, you must etch it with our Etch-A-Crete to allow Bone Dry Pro to penetrate the concrete thoroughly.

Once the concrete is ready, pour the Bone Dry Pro into a sprayer and apply it to the concrete. Pay attention to how quickly the concrete absorbs the Bone Dry Pro. If the amount you spray on soaks in within 15 minutes, you should reapply.

As it works, Bone Dry Pro may force impurities, lime, and alkali to the surface of the concrete. You should remove this either by mopping or, for encrusted deposits, with a wire brush.

After the Bone Dry Pro has dried, your concrete slab will be protected with a new, permanent waterproof barrier below the surface of the slab. The speed with which Bone Dry Pro can be applied and concrete ready for installation of your choice of floor covering can save days on the job.

Concrete Moisture Mitigation System: Everything Delivered in One Convenient Package

With tight construction deadlines, architects and contractors don’t have time to waste gathering all the products they need to solve a moisture problem. Bone Dry offers the complete Bone Dry Pro System: everything you need to solve your moisture problem, delivered in one shipment.

All you need to do is call Bone Dry and let us know the square footage, whether the slab is hard troweled, new or existing, and what type of flooring you want to install. We’ll supply the products you need to have your floor installed quickly, easily and with a 20-year warranty against moisture.

Our system includes absolutely everything you’ll need to waterproof the slab and apply your floor covering. You’ll receive enough Bone Dry Pro for the project, sprayers to apply it, Etch-A-Crete to open pores in the slab, proper safety equipment for using it, as well as freight to your jobsite.

Bone Dry Application

Bone Dry Pro with Quick Dry Reduces Cure Times

Our Quick Dry curing agent comes pre-mixed into Bone Dry Pro. This admixture minimizes curing time, helping contractors stay on the construction schedule for larger commercial concrete pouring projects. Bone Dry Pro with Quick Dry is the leading solution for concrete protection and project efficiency in commercial construction.

Antimicrobial Waterproofing Product Seals and Disinfects Concrete

For hospitals and other critical facilities where bacteria and other microbes are a concern, Bone Dry Pro gives an added layer of protection. Besides sealing the concrete against the moisture many microorganisms need to survive, Bone Dry Pro is also antimicrobial.

Bone Dry Pro Seals Concrete and Prevents Mold and Mildew from forming, Keeping Harmful Bacteria from Living on Slab Surfaces

Bone Dry Pro gives peace of mind for contractors and healthcare staff. The floor covering will not fail and pathogens will not grow on concrete disinfected and sealed with Bone Dry Pro. Industries adhering to specific health codes like hospitals and restaurants benefit from the antimicrobial power inherent to Bone Dry Pro and Bone Dry Plus+.

Depending on the porosity of the concrete, a 5-gallon pail will cover 1,100 square feet.

Bone Dry Pro provides a unique barrier for waterproofing concrete and dense cement masonry products. Bone Dry Pro penetrates deeply to become an integral part of the concrete, filling the voids and bonding the particles into a solid mass, creating a permanent seal.

The many benefits of Bone Dry Pro include:

Permanently Waterproofs
Strengthens Concrete
Prevent Surface Dusting
Prevents Mold & Mildew
Non-toxic & Odorless
Cost Effective
Easy To Apply
Reduced Down Time

Bone Dry Pro: The Best Concrete Sealing Product

Widely touted for its moisture mitigation and antimicrobial properties, Bone Dry Pro offers many more benefits. It is the ultimate products for hardening, dust-proofing and preserving new or old concrete.

Specifically, Bone Dry Pro performs the following functions:

  • Sealing: Bone Dry Pro seals concrete and other cement-based materials into a mass that is essentially solid, rather than porous. Its penetrating quality provides deep sealing that provides effective sealing for the life of the concrete.
  • Bonding: Bone Dry Pro eliminates dusting and flaking and prepares the treated surface for paints, caulking compounds, adhesives and floor coverings. It also increases the bond and life of these materials. It is compatible with any type of covering.
  • Densifying: Bone Dry Pro makes concrete substantially harder initially. Concrete continues to harden but at a slower rate.
  • Waterproofing: Bone Dry Pro becomes an integral permanent part of the concrete by reacting with the free lime and alkali found in all concrete, thus completely waterproofing and strengthening the structure of the concrete.
  • Curing: Bone Dry Pro is extremely effective in all temperate climates.

Bone Dry Pro Is Non-Toxic and Odorless. Contractors Should Still Follow These Precautions

If Bone Dry Pro becomes frozen in the container, thaw and agitate before use.

Do not expose aluminum, glass, and eyeglasses to our sealers as they could possibly etch the surface. If any of the sealant contacts these materials, wash with water immediately

Do not apply to asphalt. Bone Dry Pro is only designed for use on cementitious materials and could break down the petroleum base of asphalt.

Leather shoes and gloves will stiffen. Some glazed tile will be dulled.

Bone Dry Pro is slightly corrosive to human tissue. Handle it as a caustic solution. Protect skin and eyes and avoid prolonged breathing of vapors or mist. For the best protection, wear chemical goggles or a face shield and rubber or plastic gloves. Consult the Bone Dry Penetrating Concrete Sealer Material Safety Data Sheet for other safety instructions.

IF SWALLOWED: Do not induce vomiting. Drink lots of water or milk, then drink diluted vinegar, lemon juice or orange juice. Get medical attention immediately.

IN CASE OF EYE CONTACT: Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Get medical attention immediately.

IN CASE OF SKIN CONTACT: Thoroughly rinse off immediately with fresh water. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


Bone Dry Pro Penetrating Sealer 


Bone Dry Pro penetrating concrete sealer is a permanent, low VOC, cost-effective solution to protecting finished surfaces and roofing systems from concrete moisture-related issues. Bone Dry Pro is easy to apply using a pump or battery-powered sprayer. Our Pro sealer can be applied to new and existing concrete surface and can be applied underneath or over the surface of any Portland cement-based concrete patch. Once applied, Bone Dry pro penetrates and solidifies to fill the pores below the surface of the concrete slab. This barrier beneath the concrete surface protects finished surfaces from concrete moisture-related issues. Call Bone Dry Products about our 20-year replacement warranty which protects finished surfaces from concrete moisture-related issues.

Moisture and PH Protection 

Bone Dry Pro protects finished surfaces from concrete slabs receiving relative humidity (RH) readings reaching 100% as well as calcium chloride readings reaching 25 lbs. Bone Dry Pro protects adhesives from re-wetting. Rewetting causing finished surfaces to delaminate from the concrete substrate. Bone Dry Pro prevents concrete moisture from causing failures such as bubbling, discoloration, cupping and bowing, peeling from the surface, and other concrete moisture related failures. 

Roofing System Protection

Bone Dry Pro protects roofing systems from numerous potential concrete moisture-related issues. These concrete moisture issues can include saturating insulation and cover boards, causing adhered systems to delaminate, or increasing the risk of corrosion to metal components. Applying Bone Dry Pro eliminates these concerns by creating a barrier beneath the surface of the concrete.

ASTM Standards

Bone Dry Pro sealer complies with the following concrete curing standards (All results exceed those of a 7-day water cure):

ASTM C156 – 17
Standard Test Method for Water Loss

ASTM C39 / C39M - 18
Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Cylindrical Concrete Specimens

ASTM C1202 - 19
Standard Test Method for Electrical Indication of Concrete’s Ability to Resist Chloride Ion Penetration

ASTM C309 - 19
Standard Specification for Liquid Membrane-Forming Compounds for Curing Concrete. Bone Dry Pro sealer protects and warrants finished surfaces utilizing the following ASTM standard testing methods:

ASTM D1653 - 13
Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Organic Coating Films

ASTM E96 / E96M - 16
Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Materials

ASTM F2170 - 19
Standard Test Method for Determining Relative Humidity in Concrete Floor Slabs Using in situ Probes

ASTM F1869 - 16a
Standard Test Method for Measuring Moisture Vapor Emission Rate of Concrete Subfloor Using Anhydrous Calcium Chloride

Concrete Floor Preparation 

Remodeled Concrete Surfaces 

Bone Dry Pro sealer must be applied to a clean, porous concrete surface in order to penetrate and react to create a strong barrier. Existing concrete surfaces with prior surface coatings must be mechanically profiled with a diamond grinding or shot blasting machine in order to achieve a clean, porous surface. Major leveling and skim coating must be completed using a Portland cement-based product and be completed prior to applying the Pro sealer. Minor patching and skim coating can be completed after the sealer is applied. Gyp-Crete is prohibited from being used with this sealer. Concrete slabs with known moisture-related issues and slabs over 20 years of age must receive a skim coat of Portland cement-based concrete prior to applying the Bone Dry Pro sealer. Contact Bone Dry Products for exceptions to this requirement. 

Newly Cured Concrete Slabs

Bone Dry Pro can be applied to newly cured concrete with no wait time. All construction material and debris (dust, paint, drywall mud, etc.) must first be scraped or broom swept from the surface of the slab. If a slab has received a hard trowel finish, Bone Dry’s Etch-a-Crete must be applied or the surface must be mechanically profiled to open the pores of the slab. Major leveling and skim coating must be completed using a Portland cement-based product and be completed prior to applying the Pro sealer. Minor patching and skim coating can be completed after the sealer is applied. Gyp-Crete is prohibited from being used with this sealer.

Cracks and Trenches 

Any existing cracks (expansion joints not included) with visible gaps must be filled and floated over with Portland cement 6 in. past the crack. Trenches must be floated over the saw cuts 6 inches onto the existing concrete.

Equipment and Protection

Protecting Finished Surfaces

Any finished surfaces such as cabinetry, glass, finished metal surfaces, and finished painted areas must be masked off with plastic up to 2 feet from the concrete to prevent over spray from causing discoloration. Painted areas affected by over spray can be repainted to address the discoloration.

Equipment for Application

Bone Dry Pro Sealer can be applied using a pump or battery powered sprayer with a wide fan tip. 

Applying to Cured Concrete

In 1,000 to 2,000 thousand sqft sections, apply one coat of sealer so that the slab receives a wet to light cloudy appearance. Let the area sit for no more than 10 minutes. Apply a second coat to the section while the first coat is still wet. Only apply a second coat in areas where the sealer has penetrated and the texture of the concrete has become apparent. If a thick white pool appears on the slab use a broom or brush to spread the product. Allow a minimum of 6 hours for the product to dry. Once dry, the slab may have a cloudy appearance or darkened appearance.

Applying at the Concrete Pour 

Option 1: Apply During Finish Trowel

If the slab needs to receive a hard trowel or burnished finish the Bone Dry Pro sealer must be applied during the trowel process. Allow the concrete to harden until the slab can be walked on with only minor indentations in the surface. Spray one coat of Bone Dry Pro sealer liberally in front of the trowels. Concrete can receive a finish trowel immediately after the sealer is applied. Once the sealer is applied continue to finish trowel as needed to achieve desired finish. 

Option 2: Apply After the final trowel

Do not use a cure and seal on the slab. Do not burnish the concrete. Slab must be porous enough at the surface after the finish trowel is completed to absorb moisture. After the final trowel has taken place, allow the slab to dry for a minimum of one hour and until the slab can be walked on without indenting the slab. Apply Sealer in 1,000-2,000 square foot sections. Allow sealer to absorb for 5-8 minutes. After 5-8 minutes apply a second coat in the areas that penetrated into the slab. If installing finished surfaces less than 14 days after pour contact Bone Dry for approval.


For broom trowel and mechanically profiled surfaces the spread for Pro sealer is 220-300 square feet per gallon. For Hard trowel surfaced where there the slab pores are opened with Etch-a-Crete the spread for Pro sealer is 280-360 square feet per gallon.


Approved Adhesives 

Bone Dry Products warrants the bond of the manufacturer’s specified adhesive applied to the sealed concrete substrate and therefore must provide approval for the adhesives being applied to the slab. Contact Bone Dry Products to receive approval for the manufacturer’s specified adhesive being used on a Bone Dry Products warranted project. Bone Dry Products does not approve spray adhesive for warranted projects.

Adhesive Application 

Vacuum the sealed concrete surface to remove any construction dust, particles pushed to the surface, and loose product dried on the surface. Low spots where product puddles and dries can be scraped off the surface if loose. Adhesives applied directly to the sealed concrete surface must be applied as per specifications for a non-porous substrate. 


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Warranty Information 

Please contact Bone Dry Products for details on our project specific 20 year commercial warranty which includes material and labor to replace the adhesive and finished flooring if there is a concrete moisture related failure.

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