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High-Quality Concrete Sealers from the Experts at Bone Dry

When you’re in need of high-quality moisture mitigation products for your flooring project, Bone Dry is the way to go. We offer surface prep solutions, moisture mitigation sealers, and surface coatings to protect your floors by penetrating through the concrete. The result is a permanent waterproof barrier protecting your floors from within. Any type of penetrating moisture damage can be prevented through our properly-applied sealers, and Bone Dry products are guaranteed to prevent moisture-based damage for many years down the line.

Bone Dry’s wide range of moisture mitigation products include everything you need to protect your concrete floors. Check out all our products, and even learn about the appropriate methods of applying Bone Dry to your concrete floors.  

Contact the moisture mitigation experts at Bone Dry today to learn more about our products.

High-Quality Concrete Sealers from the Experts at Bone Dry

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SKU: 6-1
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Commercial-grade moisture mitigation package for large-scale applications on new or existing concrete.

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SKU: 2-1
Starting at $85.00

Original Sealer with added antimicrobial protection

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SKU: 1-1
Starting at $75.00

The Original Permanent Penetrating Concrete Sealer

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SKU: 8-1
Starting at $60.00

For use on hard-troweled concrete

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SKU: 7-1
Starting at $65.00

For use on block walls or extremely porous concrete

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SKU: 11-1
Starting at $65.00

Semi-gloss surface coating

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