Chemical Resistant Concrete Floor Sealers for Automotive Garages

Mechanics & Car Dealerships

Protect concrete floors from automotive fluids and oils with EM Coating

Mechanic & Car Dealership Concrete Floor SealersAutomotive garages and car dealership floors are exposed to a wide variety of automotive fluids including gasoline, motor oil, antifreeze, and more. Bone Dry EM Coating has a high chemical resistance to protect concrete and stucco substrates from these fluids and the stains they cause. 

Applying Bone Dry EM Coating produces a fresh, new look to even older structures by providing a smooth semi-gloss sheen. EM Coating can be applied as a chemical-resistant waterproofing coating to both horizontal and vertical surfaces and protects against fading caused by UV rays.

Brick and cinderblock structures will also benefit from EM Coating's stain blocking technology, locking in calcium carbonate, silicate and salt to prevent efflorescence. Waterproofing the surface also prevents mold growth caused by water seeping into walls and floors. EM Coating can prevent discoloration caused by:

Penetrating Sealers for Concrete Floors

For new and existing concrete floors topped with wood, tile or carpet, penetrating sealers like Bone Dry Pro seep into and bond with the pores of concrete surfaces. Improperly installed or maintained vapor barriers can result in moisture absorption in concrete slabs, leading to:

Bone Dry sealers can inhibit mold and mildew growth while permanently waterproofing the surface. Newly poured concrete treated with Bone Dry Original, Bone Dry Plus or Bone Dry Pro will cure faster, shortening downtime on new projects.

Bone Dry’s Commercial Concrete Sealers & Moisture Mitigation Products

Contact the concrete sealer manufacturers at Bone Dry to get penetrating moisture mitigation products for your automotive garage or dealership.

The Complete Bone Dry Pro System

The Bone Dry Pro System contains everything contractors and masonry workers need to protect concrete flooring. Each package is customized to your specific needs and can contain Bone Dry sealer, primer, applicators and sprayers, safety equipment and more. Call us at 262-694-9748 or contact us today for more information.


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