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Concrete Floor Sealers for Healthcare Facilities

Product: Bone Dry Pro

New Healthcare Facility with Sheet Vinyl Floors Must Waterproof the Concrete Subfloor

Advanced Pain Management is a healthcare system offering patients with chronic pain issues access to great physicians. The organization was opening a new facility in Sturtevant, Wisconsin and decided to install sheet vinyl flooring.

Sheet vinyl is a durable, attractive and cost effective floor system when installed correctly. If installed over poorly prepared or unsealed concrete, moisture will ruin the floor or mildew and mold will grow under it. If the moisture problem is left unchecked, it can lead to a shifting, uneven floor and even cause the floor to separate at the seams.

In a healthcare environment, nurses spend hours on their feet. Ensuring the floor was safe and level was of the utmost importance, as was preventing mildew and mold from making the building unusable. The subfloor the pain management facility had was made of concrete, necessitating a concrete sealer to avoid premature floor failure.

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Deep Penetrating Concrete Sealers Strengthen and Waterproof Slabs

Using a penetrating concrete sealer like Bone Dry Pro is the best way to prepare a concrete floor before adhering a vinyl surface to it.

Deep penetrating concrete sealers flow into the concrete, filling in any pockets, gaps, and voids. They also react with the free lime and become part of the slab, increasing its strength.

When it dries, Bone Dry Pro forms an integral part of the concrete slab, sealing it permanently.

The biggest advantages of Bone Dry Pro penetrating concrete sealer are its permanent waterproofing, antimicrobial protection and fast drying time.

Concrete slabs sealed with Bone Dry Pro are permanently waterproof, preventing liquid moisture from seeping up through the slab. The antimicrobial properties of Bone Dry Pro prevent mold and mildew from growing under the flooring system. With a short, six-hour drying time, work crews are able to continue jobsite activity quickly after applying Bone Dry.

Bone Dry Pro Protects for Decades

Non-toxic and containing no organic compounds or heavy metals, Bone Dry Pro is an ideal concrete sealer for healthcare facilities. It is water-based, non-flammable and very easy to clean up.

Preventing mold and mildew growth makes our antimicrobial concrete sealing product a great choice for hospitals, doctor’s offices and other healthcare related locations.

Waterproofing and strengthening concrete, Bone Dry Pro is warrantied against failure related to moisture for 20 years. Advanced Pain Management can use their facility secure in the knowledge their sheet vinyl floor with sealed concrete will last for decades.

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