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Corrosion Stop

Amine-based corrosion-inhibiting spray for protecting embedded metal in concrete structures

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Key Features:


100 sqft per gallon

Product Info:
  • Penetrates existing concrete without any profiling
  • Extends the service life of reinforced concrete structures
  • Does not change the characteristics or porosity of the existing concrete
  • Water base for easy handling
  • Does not contain any hazardous calcium nitrite products
  • Easily applied using a sprayer

Important Documents:

This amine-based corrosion inhibitor provides anodic and cathodic protections for both ferrous and nonferrous metals. Bone Dry Corrosion Stop creates a layer of protection around the existing metal in the concrete preventing corrosion from initiating and extending the life of the structure. Simply spray, roll, or brush the product onto the existing horizontal or vertical surface of any steel-reinforced concrete structure. The product will then migrate into the concrete and attach itself to the steel reinforcements. The protective coating prevents additional rusting caused by chloride ingress, prolonging the service life of the reinforced structure.

Where to Use Bone Dry Corrosion Stop

Corrosion Stop can be used on any reinforced concrete structure to effectively extend its service life. Corrosion Stop provides excellent protection in and around saltwater. Continuous splashing and even moisture in the air can penetrate concrete surfaces and cause the embedded rebar to corrode. Corrosion Stop is excellent for protecting:

  • Steel-reinforced concrete
  • Building facades
  • Bridges
  • Highways
  • Piers
  • Concrete docks
  • Parking garages


The concrete surface must be free of any dirt, debris, oils, and coatings. If necessary, power wash the surface of the concrete and allow the slab to dry prior to applying Corrosion Stop.


Coat the existing structure with 2-3 coats of Corrosion Stop, allowing the slab to become dry to the touch prior to applying the next coat. Each coating should fully wet the surface without causing runoff. Upon completion, the spread rate of Corrosion Stop is 100 sq. ft. per gallon.


  1. Apply when temperatures are above freezing for at least 12 hours
  2. Protect any glass, wood, or other finishes prior to application


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