Spectrum Rehabilitation Center – Grand Rapids, MI

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Penetrating Concrete Sealing Treatment for Healthcare CentersSpectrum Rehab Center in Grand Rapids, MI

When Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids wanted to expand their rehab and nursing center to better serve a growing number of patients, they turned to the concrete sealing experts at Bone Dry to help them out. Our team of professionals worked in conjunction with some of the best contractors in the state to build a high-quality facility used for patients all over the Grand Rapids, MI area.

This building addition ended up being two stories and 122,000 square feet, providing space for 165 patients. The expansion was constructed adjacent to Spectrum Health’s existing one-story building, and included a fully equipped rehabilitation gym, private treatment rooms, and a low stimulation area specifically suited to patients with neurological conditions.

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The Best Antimicrobial Sealers for Concrete Floors

Whether it’s a tight construction deadline or an existing concrete floor without a vapor barrier underneath, moisture mitigation is a serious concern. Water infiltration can not only cause mold and mildew to grow under non-permeable floor coverings, but tiles and carpeting can start coming off the concrete floor underneath.

Moisture problems in new or existing concrete must be addressed before flooring can be applied or repaired. Fortunately for contractors, Bone Dry Pro is a quick, easy-to-apply sealing product designed for use under floor coverings on both new and existing slabs.

For hospitals and other medical facilities where bacteria and other microbes are a concern, Bone Dry Pro gives an added layer of protection to concrete substrates. Bone Dry penetrates deeply to become an integral part of the concrete, filling the voids and bonding the particles into a solid mass, creating a permanent seal.

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