Indiana University Arnett Hospital in Lafayette, IN

A New Hospital in Lafayette, INIndiana University Arnett Hospital in Lafayette, IN

In 2018, construction began on Indiana University’s new Arnett Hospital in Lafayette, IN. The new hospital includes approximately 620,000 square feet for in-patient and out-patient clinical services and approximately 115,000 square feet for academic instruction. Such a large and expensive building required a lot of protection to ensure it stays safe for the foreseeable future. 

Bone Dry Pro was applied to the new concrete floor to protect it from moisture damage. Moisture can cause substantial and irreversible damage to large concrete substrates which make up large pieces of the floor inside the new hospital. Moisture damage to concrete substrates can make the building unsafe. Bone Dry Pro will keep the floors protected and the new hospital safe for years to come.

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Bone Dry Pro costs significantly less than two-part epoxies, applies quickly, and is ready for flooring installations in six hours. Not only does Bone Dry Pro apply quickly and easily, it also disinfects the surface of the concrete. Bone Dry Pro prevents mold and mildew growth by eliminating the water it needs to live.

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