Concrete Sealers for Contractors

Concrete Sealers for General Contractors

Most people notice well-constructed buildings and grounds, but everyone notices a job that appears poorly constructed. When your reputation is on the line, don’t let weather, water, moisture buildup and mold give your community the wrong impression of your work. Protect and strengthen the concrete and roofing systems in your new builds and renovations with Bone Dry’s antibacterial, moisture-eliminating concrete sealers.

With an easy spray application, Bone Dry inhibits microbial growth, stops moisture in its tracks and reduces cracking, all while hardening and strengthening your concrete. You’ll get beautiful, long-lasting results and your clients will appreciate easier maintenance and lower costs by avoiding premature floor and surface replacements and repairs.

Contractors Save Time on the Job with Penetrating Bone Dry Concrete Moisture Sealers

For general contractors, keeping every aspect of a construction project on time and under budget is essential. Flooring subcontractors are particularly aware of the time sunk into curing concrete substrates. Bone Dry Products is a leading supplier of penetrating concrete sealing treatments with short cure times. With the Quick Dry add-on, Bone Dry concrete sealants cure within substrates in as few as six hours, allowing the flooring to be laid much sooner than with other sealers.

Without proper concrete sealers, moisture in concrete substrates can damage flooring materials, lead to mold growth and hurt a contracting firm’s reputation for quality work. Bone Dry’s line of penetrating concrete sealers, concrete preparations and coatings benefit contractors by saving their time, money and reputation.

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Save Even More Time with Bone Dry Admix

When you’re laying concrete, throw in Bone Dry Pro Admix. Bone Dry Pro Admix doesn’t require a separate application or additional waiting time to waterproof your concrete- just incorporate Bone Dry Pro Admix right into your cement at the batching plant or in your truck and watch your concrete cure perfectly.

Bone Dry Pro Admix is compatible with normal and lightweight concrete and is free from silicates and alkalis. Made of colloidal nano-silica, Bone Dry Pro Admix is VOC-free and stops the path of moisture vapor transmission (MVER). With Bone Dry Pro Admix, you can eliminate costly and time-consuming on-site moisture testing and enjoy the confidence of our lifetime flooring and roofing system replacement warranty.

Bone Dry Pro Admix is perfect for protecting various flooring systems including:

  • Adhered
  • Floating
  • Anchored
  • Resinous

Quality Concrete Treatment Products for Concrete Contractors

Penetrating sealers like Bone Dry Pro save time by minimizing labor and taking time-consuming steps out of the process. Unlike many epoxy sealers, Bone Dry doesn’t necessarily require surface preparation like grinding or shot-blasting to penetrate the substrate and fill concrete capillaries.

For sealing hard-troweled surfaces without any surface treatment, concrete can be easily etched using our Etch-A-Crete product, which opens substrate pores and forces impurities to the surface, while adding extra bonding strength for Bone Dry’s moisture mitigation products.

Contact the concrete sealer manufacturers at Bone Dry to get penetrating moisture mitigation products for your contracting firm.

Bone Dry Pro’s 25-Year Warranty adds Value to Concrete Projects

Our commercial penetrating concrete sealer covers around 220 square feet per gallon and is specially formulated to prevent microbial and mold growth in the substrate. Thanks to the included Quick Dry admixture, it cures and bonds with the concrete in as few as 6 hours.

Best of all, Bone Dry Pro comes with a 25-year warranty for commercial floor coverings against moisture-related failures.

Have A Large Project? We Can Send A Crew

Installation of Bone Dry Pro and Bone Dry Admix by our in-house team of commercial concrete sealers is available for large-scale commercial projects. If you already have a team of contractors, we’ll send a rep to oversee the application and guarantee your concrete sealing success. Give us a call to learn more

Bone Dry Pro System for Commercial Concrete Contractors

The Bone Dry Pro System is a permanent vapor sealer and the industry leader in deep-penetrating concrete sealing for larger commercial products. The system comes complete with:

  • Sufficient Bone Dry Pro to seal the square footage for your project
  • Application sprayers and protective gear
  • Suitable flooring glue for specified floor covering material
  • Bone Dry’s industry-leading 20-year warranty

The Bone Dry Pro System ships for free anywhere in the contiguous US, arriving with all equipment on a single pallet, ready to use.  

The Bone Dry Pro System has been successfully used on a wide variety of commercial contracting projects including:

Contact us to learn more about how the Bone Dry System benefits your concrete contracting company.
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