Bone Dry Supplies Sealing and Coating Products for all Concrete Applications


Bone Dry Supplies Sealing and Coating Products for all Concrete ApplicationsConcrete Sealer Applicatoin

Bone Dry offers the highest quality products for each step of the concrete curing process. We offer concrete preparation products with our Bone Dry Etch-A-Crete and Primer, which removes impurities and contaminants from highly-porous concrete slabs before adding a proper sealer. Bone Dry Original, Bone Dry Pro, and Bone Dry Plus are all penetrating concrete sealers to prevent water vapor transmission from deep within the concrete slab, while Bone Dry EM Coating coats concrete with a healthy shine.

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Stop Moisture Damage in Concrete Substrates with Bone Dry Products

The success of a concrete pouring project is essential to the construction cycle of any building. Excessive curing times mean delays in the construction cycle, which stresses the budget. Substrates and floors with no moisture barrier expose floor coverings to failure and potential damage to the structures themselves. Bone Dry’s line of concrete treatment products provide protection from moisture damage while reducing cure times of substrates, ensuring a durable concrete pour which comes in on schedule.

Concrete Treatment Products

Contractors, builders, architects and construction crews who are pouring concrete benefit from Bone Dry’s moisture mitigation solutions. Our line of substrate treatments offers a range of solutions to seal and protect a variety of structures, from concrete to plywood and more.

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Prep Concrete for Sealing with Bone Dry Products

It’s often necessary to prepare the surface of concrete substrates in order to effectively apply a sealer or coating. Bone Dry offers our Etch-A-Crete solution to ensure our products properly work on hard troweled concrete, and Bone Dry Primer to enhance the bonding power of our sealing products in high porosity substrates.

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