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Bone Dry Original

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Key Features:

Do you need a faster cure time? Add Quick Dry to your order and flooring can be installed 6 hours after application.

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor

240 square feet per gallon

Product Info:
  • Prevents penetration of salt and other contaminants
  • Prevents dusting
  • Seals and creates a barrier below the surface
  • Eliminates moisture emission from below

Important Documents:

Penetrating Concrete Sealer Prevents Moisture ProblemsBone Dry Original Sealer

Excess moisture is a damaging force to concrete and any materials resting on top of it. Unwanted wetness deep within concrete can eventually make its way to the surface, causing problems like:

  • Organic growth such as mold and mildew beneath mats and non-air permeable coverings
  • Cardboard in contact with the floor will absorb moisture and lose structural integrity

Concrete Moisture Damages Floor Coverings

If your concrete floor is finished with vinyl, paint, wood, VCT or carpeting, moisture and vapor mitigation is even more important. If your floor covering is bonded to concrete using adhesives with water, latex and acrylic bases, excess moisture will emulsify and weaken the adhesive formula, causing many types of visible damage:

  • Carpet will peel up and roll
  • Vinyl tiling will begin to cup or curl
  • Wood floors will begin to buckle
  • Paint starts to bubble and chip away

Bone Dry is the Permanent Moisture Mitigation Solution for Your Concrete Slab Floors

BONE DRY CONCRETE SEALER  is a penetrating, permanent concrete waterproofing sealer. Originally developed to seal concrete for hazardous waste containment applications, it accelerates the drying time for concrete and is an inexpensive product for sealing concrete prior to installing Vinyl, VCT or Wood Flooring. It is non-toxic and easy to apply.

Building contractors have been using Bone Dry Concrete Sealers for more than 35 years without callbacks, failure or job downtime.

Whether you are installing a new concrete slab or you are looking to seal an existing concrete floor in your home or garage, the application of Original Bone Dry will yield a strong vapor barrier, eliminate causes of concrete sweating, and mitigate moisture in your cement masonry project. Non-toxic Original Bone Dry Original permanently waterproofs concrete floors to protect your concrete investment and is easy to apply.

The Original Fast-Acting Penetrating Concrete Sealer

Original Bone Dry has been successfully applied to countless concrete subfloors for over 35 years. Among the reasons for its success is the speed at which the product begins working. After a simple spraying of the product over your slab, a minor wet mopping to remove the impurities like leaching alkali and lime will be necessary as they surface. All the while, Bone Dry is hard at work sealing porous areas of the slab and creating an impermeable barrier to prevent moisture from rising to the surface and damaging your home’s flooring.

Bone Dry Original + Quick Dry for Faster Curing Times

Pouring new concrete substrates can be a lengthy process that slows down building projects, creating a challenge for home builders trying to keep residential construction jobs on time and under budget.

Adding Quick Dry to Bone Dry Original reduces cure time down to as few as 6 hours, saving time for homeowners and contractors. Bone Dry Original adds value by protecting against moisture damage and Quick Dry reduces total time on the project for the ultimate combination of time-saving and lasting protection. When you select the Quick Dry add-on, it is shipped premixed with your Bone Dry Sealer product, and no alteration to the product’s application process is necessary.

Other benefits of applying Bone Dry Original before flooring installation include:

  • Shielding against the penetration of salt, alkalis and oils.
  • Provides resistance against surface dusting
  • Immediate improvement in concrete hardness and strength
  • Drastically reduces downtime between concrete pouring and flooring installation
  • Bone Dry Original waterproofs and protects concrete and its coverings from moisture damage
Bone Dry Application

Providing concrete and moisture solutions for more than 35 years!

Bone Dry’s Essential Functions:

SEALING • Bone Dry seals concrete and other cement-based materials into a mass that is essentially solid, rather than porous. Its penetrating quality provides deep sealing effective for the life of the concrete.

BONDING • Bone Dry eliminates dusting and flaking and prepares the treated surface for paints, caulking compounds, adhesives and floor coverings, and increases the bond and life of these materials. It is compatible with any type of covering.

DENSIFYING • Bone Dry initially makes concrete substantially harder. Concrete continues to harden but at a slower rate.

WATERPROOFING • Bone Dry becomes a permanent part of the concrete by reacting with the free lime and alkali found in all concrete, completely waterproofing and strengthening the structure of the concrete.

CURING • Bone Dry Sealer is extremely effective in all temperate climates.

Approximately 1,100 square feet per 5-gallon pail, depending upon the porosity of the concrete.

If our sealers become frozen in the container, thaw and agitate before use.

Do not expose aluminum, glass or eyeglasses to our sealers as they could possibly etch the surface.

Do not apply to asphalt. Sealers break down the petroleum base of asphalt.

Leather shoes and gloves will stiffen. Some glazed tile will be dulled.


Bone Dry Sealers are slightly corrosive to human tissue. Handle as a caustic solution. Protect skin and eyes. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors or
mist. For ultimate protection, especially in confined areas, use a NIOSH-approved respirator and wear chemical goggles or a face shield and rubber or plastic gloves. Consult the Bone Dry Penetrating Concrete Sealer Material Safety Data Sheet for other safety instructions.


IF SWALLOWED, do not induce vomiting. Drink lots of water or milk, then drink diluted vinegar, lemon juice or orange juice. Get medical attention immediately.

IN CASE OF EYE CONTACT, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Get medical attention immediately.

IN CASE OF SKIN CONTACT, thoroughly rinse off immediately with fresh water. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


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Bone Dry Original For California ADU's

In certain states like California, concrete floors are regulated by law. According to the Los Angeles County Building and Safety Guidelines, the concrete floor needs to be provided with a vapor retarder as required in Section R506.2.3. Bone Dry Pro is a semi-impervious vapor retarded that seals concrete for your California dwelling. Be sure to contact your local permitting office for approval in contract use.

Bone Dry Application
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