Commercial-Grade Moisture Mitigation Products


Bone Dry Products Protect Concrete in Your Industry

Any industry requiring quality moisture mitigation solutions for their concrete and mineral-based building materials will benefit from Bone Dry's comprehensive line of products.

Some industries using Bone Dry products for sealing building materials include:


Protect Your New or Existing Concrete and Mineral Based Substrates with Bone Dry Products

Excess moisture is the enemy of man-made structures. Whether you’re building a new department store, manufacturing plant, or a hospital, moisture will lead to all types of problems within your floors, walls or any mineral-based building material.

Bone Dry’s line of Concrete Moisture Mitigation Systems will protect your building from damaging moisture. Applying a concrete sealer like Bone Dry Pro, Bone Dry Original, or Bone Dry Plus to new or existing concrete subfloor slabs prevents moisture from surfacing to damage floor coverings.

Bone Dry Products Prevent Mold and Microbial Growth in Concrete

Bone Dry’s line of concrete sealers keep organic materials from colonizing on walls and floors. The waterproofing properties of Bone Dry Products go a long way in prohibiting bacterial and microbial growth, but we took it one step further with Bone Dry Plus by adding extra anti-microbial solutions to prevent their growth. The anti-microbial properties of Bone Dry Plus make it a perfect concrete moisture mitigation solution for:

Health Clinics
Food Manufacturing
Food Warehousing
Distribution Plants
Order moisture mitigation products from Bone Dry – We provide concrete waterproofing solutions for all industries.

Bone Dry Pro is the Complete Solution for Commercial Concrete Waterproofing and Sealing

For the best in permanent waterproofing, Bone Dry Pro is the answer. It is a clear, non-staining waterborne penetrating sealer capable of treating 220 sq. ft per gallon. This concrete sealing solution is non-toxic, odorless and reduces downtime by penetrating quickly and seals interstitial spaces within the concrete slab.

What Bone Dry Does for your concrete:

  • Cures Quickly – helps concrete substrates cure quickly to reduce construction time
  • Seals Concrete – fills spaces to essentially create a solid structure out of porous subfloors
  • Bonds Materials – prepares the treated surface for application of paints, adhesives, and floor coverings
  • Densifies – almost immediately increases the PSI of concrete structures and increases overall hardness after curing.

Residential Indoor Concrete Sealer for sale in California

Bone Dry provides the most reliable concrete sealants for residential projects in areas including garages, unfinished basements, and dwelling units. Prevent moisture from damaging both your new concrete and your flooring with Bone Dry concrete sealer. In many states like California, concrete sealants are required by law for units to be considered living spaces. According to the Los Angeles County Building and Safety Guidelines, the concrete floor needs to be provided with a vapor retarder as required in Section R506.2.3.

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