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Industrial Moisture Mitigation for Concrete Slabs

Government and Industrial facilities tend to share a no-frills approach when it comes to flooring: concrete slabs covering large areas. Without proper moisture mitigation solutions or a vapor seal, these structures can begin to dilapidate sooner than they should. Additionally, surfacing moisture can damage goods and materials resting on top of concrete floors.

Bone Dry Pro is best for indoor projects over 2,000 ft2 and is the complete solution for sealing concrete floors covering large surface areas like:

  • Warehouses
  • Dry storage facilities
  • Military barracks
  • Airplane hangars
  • Factories
  • Breweries
  • Foundries
  • Mills
  • Post offices

All Bone Dry Concrete Sealing products cover 220 ft2 per gallon.  

Moisture and industrial flooring don’t mix – solve concrete dampness problems with Bone Dry Products.

Bone Dry Products Provide Complete Moisture Solutions

Bone Dry products cover all of your concrete treatment and waterproofing projects.

  • Bone Dry Pro – Complete commercial and industrial indoor concrete sealer
  • Bone Dry Original – Standard concrete moisture mitigation for indoor or outdoor surfaces
  • Bone Dry Plus – Indoor or outdoor sealer with added anti-microbial additives to prevent mold
  • Bone Dry Etch-A-Crete – preparatory treatment to open the pours of hard-troweled existing concrete
  • Bone Dry Primer – pre-treatment for extremely porous concrete
  • Bone Dry Acryl-A-Seal – semi-gloss surface coating for indoor/outdoor use on concrete, brick block, and stucco
Contact the moisture mitigation professionals at Bone Dry for the ultimate concrete floor sealing products for government facilities.
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