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New Health Center in Miami Beach, FL Used Bone Dry Pro for Concrete Moisture MitigationBaptist Health Center in Miami Beach, FL

A brand new Miami Beach medical outpatient facility finished construction in July 2018. This brand new four-story 60,000-square-foot medical complex has helped bring a new level of service and accessibility to healthcare in the southern part of Miami Beach.

During construction of this project, Bone Dry Pro was used on the finished concrete flooring to provide protection from moisture damage. Bone Dry Products have been successfully applied to countless floors over the years, and our success is due to the speed and durability at which our product works. Bone Dry Pro has a 20-year warranty that protects your finished flooring from concrete moisture related issues. You can order your commercial moisture mitigation system from Bone Dry today!

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What are the Benefits of Using Bone Dry Pro?

Whether it’s a tight construction deadline or an existing floor without a vapor barrier underneath, Bone Dry Pro is a necessity for contractors to properly mitigate moisture in their new concrete flooring. Failure to address moisture infiltration in floors can lead to problems such as:

Bone Dry Pro was the best solution for protecting the brand new floor inside the Baptist Health Center in Miami Beach, and our product is here to help you mitigate moisture in your construction project too. 

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Bone Dry offers a wide range of products for preparing, sealing, and curing concrete floors in need of moisture mitigation. With the Bone Dry Pro System’s penetrating sealant package, you’ll get everything you need to properly seal and treat concrete, helping you prevent moisture damage for years down the line. Give us a call today at 262-694-9748 to learn more.

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