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Bone Dry Degreaser

Powerful low-foaming, low-VOC industrial degreaser for cleaning concrete.

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Key Features:
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
Dilution Ratios:
  • Light Soil: 1:16
  • Medium Soil or Machine Washing: 1:8
  • Heavy Soil or Mop Bucket: 1:4
  • Carbonized Soils: 1:2

 Important Documents:

Concrete Degreaser

Bone Dry Degreaser is a powerful, low VOC, fast-acting concentrated degreaser for tough industrial cleaning jobs and cleaning oil and grease stains from concrete. With a water-based blend of buffered alkali, cleaning solvents, and detergents the Low Foaming Bruiser meets the heaviest cleaning challenges. Universal in application, it can be used for pressure washing, industrial cleaning, automatic scrubbers, spray systems, and other applications where low foam is required. Ideal for engine degreasing, parts washing, spray & wipe cleaning, hardened soil removal and more. Inhibitors prevent flash rusting on cleaned metal surfaces.

Our concrete degreaser is specifically made to clean concrete surfaces before they are sealed. Our heavy-duty degreaser is excellent at removing oil and grease stains commonly found in garages that must be cleaned before sealing otherwise, the concrete sealer won’t be able to penetrate the concrete to seal it effectively. Our original concrete sealer and our driveway sealer products pair excellently with our degreaser for a full cleaning and sealing solution.

Product SpecificationsBone Dry Degreaser

  • pH: 13-14
  • Flashpoint: >140F
  • Solubility in Water: Complete
  • Specific Gravity: 1.07
  • Viscosity: <100 cps
  • Appearance: Clear Blue Liquid
  • Fragrance: Sweet Solvent

How To Apply Bone Dry Degreaser

Bone Dry Degreaser can be applied with many different methods. Depending on the application method the dilution ratio will differ. See the spec sheet for appropriate dilution ratios.

How To Apply Our Degreaser

  1. Apply the degreaser through your desired application method.
  2. Allow the degreaser to penetrate the soil. Usually around 3 minutes
  3. Scrub to remove and clean the surface
  4. Wipe the surface dry

Application Methods for Bone Dry Degreaser

  • Pressure Washers
  • Soft Wash Systems
  • Pump Sprayer
  • Mop & Bucket
  • Auto Scrubber
  • Scrubbing Pad

Do not allow the degreaser to dry on glass as it may etch the surface of the glass. Rinse food contact areas with water after use.

Importance of Degreasing Surfaces

One of the key elements of an outdoor concrete walkway is the broomed surface. This texturing allows for greater slip resistance when the surface is wet. Grease and oil buildup can cover these grooves and make the surface slippery. Prevent grease from reducing the traction of your outdoor concrete with Bone Dry Degreaser.


How long should the degreaser sit on the surface?

1-3 minutes. 3-5 minutes for harder soils.



How long should the degreaser sit on the surface?

1-3 minutes. 3-5 minutes for harder soils.

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