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Concrete Moisture Mitigation/

Bone Dry Pro Admix

Low VOC porosity reducing admix which eliminates the path of moisture vapor transmission (MVER)

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Key Features:
  • Lifetime Warranty on Bone Dry Pro Admix
  • Admix can be applied to the tail water or to a loaded truck - then mix for 7 minutes
  • Eliminates the need for costly onsite moisture testing
  • Compatible with both normal and lightweight concrete


  • Indoor
  • Commercial




Important Documents:

Proactive Waterproofing Concrete Admixture

Bone Dry Admix is a proactive admixture that helps mitigate moisture in new concrete projects. It is an alternative to concrete sealers and does not require a separate application as concrete sealers do. To prevent moisture transmission through the slab apply the Bone Dry Admix into the concrete at the batching plant or after the concrete mixer truck has been filled. It is an easy solution for concrete moisture and can be custom ordered to fit your project. The best thing about it, the Bone Dry Pro Admix comes with a lifetime warranty. 

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How to Apply Bone Dry Pro Admix

Admix is an easy-to-use concrete moisture mitigation solution and requires almost no work. 
Follow the application instructions below.

Step 1) Measure out the admix you need (10 oz for every 100lbs of cement)
Step 2) Add the admix to the tailwater or to a loaded truck and let it mix for 7 minutes
Step 3) That's it! Your cement is now ready to pour. 

Perfect for Concrete Contractors

Contractors can take two routes to help reduce moisture vapor transmission (MVER). Bone Dry Pro Admix is a great option to avoid labor costs. It eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming onsite moisture testing. Our Bone Dry Pro sealer is an option to apply moisture mitigation during slab placement and avoid the need to coordinate with batch plants. 

Bone Dry Pro Admix Benefits

Bone Dry's waterproofing concrete additive provides a wide range of benefits for your concrete project:

  • Protects finished surface coatings (flooring, roofing, adhered coatings)
  • Extends concrete lifespan by reducing chloride degradation
  • Eliminates the need for costly onsite moisture testing
  • Compatible with all curing compounds 

Bone Dry Pro Admix does not change the curing process, concrete slump, concrete flow, and set times. You won't have to worry about your concrete setting too fast or too slow, your concrete not flowing properly, or your concrete curing too fast or too slow. 

Additional Benefits

No Change in... Increase in...
Compression Strength Flexural Strength
Strength Increase Over-Time Freeze/Thaw Durability
Length Less than 1" increase in slump
Air Content  

Concrete Additive for Concrete Contractors 

General contractors and concrete contractors love it. Our admix increases the lifetime of your finished product so your client knows they are getting the best result. Bone Dry Pro Admix also maximizes project efficiency by reducing work time so you don't have to spend extra time mitigating concrete moisture. Have a project in mind? Contact us today to get an estimate on our waterproofing concrete additives. 

Bone Dry Pro Admix Common Uses

Bone Dry waterproofing concrete admixtures can be used for all new concrete projects to protect finished flooring and roofing materials including

  • Slab on grade
  • Slab on deck

Waterproofing Admix FAQ's

Q: Is Admix a standalone product?
A: Yes. Bone Dry Pro Admix can be used on its own to enhance the durability of your concrete and provide moisture mitigation protection for your finished flooring, roofing and coatings. 

Q: What happens if I don't protect my concrete?
A: Without moisture mitigation products concrete moisture can prevent roofing and finished flooring installers from performing their job and warranting their products. This can lead to unsatisfied customers down the road. 

Q: Is it harder to set concrete with Bone Dry Pro Admix?
A: Bone Dry Pro Admix has no effect on concrete during the pour or finishing process.

Bone Dry Admix Pro comes with a lifetime warranty protecting customers' finished coatings from all concrete moisture-related failures.


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