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Why Does My Concrete Floor Sweat?

Causes of Surface Dampness on Concrete Slabs and Garage Floors:

Humidity—warm and humid air condenses into surface moisture when it comes into contact with the cool surface of your concrete floor or slab.

Faulty/Missing Vapor Barrier—moisture from the ground can seep up and surface through the concrete if no vapor barrier has been installed or is faulty


Bone Dry's Etch-a-Crete is a great solution to opening up pores of a concrete slab, allowing moisture to absorb into the concrete instead of beading up on the surface.

Find Solutions for Concrete Surface Moisture Here

What is the Source of Your Concrete Dampness?

Sweating Concrete Floor

A Simple Test to Find the Source of Concrete Moisture:

To discover whether your concrete moisture is caused by humidity or vapor barrier issues—

If there’s beaded moisture: a faulty or missing vapor barrier is a likely culprit—Bone Dry Products is the best solution
No beaded moisture: your issues are likely related to humidity—improving ventilation and controlling temperature will fix humidity problems

Shop Bone Dry’s line of vapor barrier and concrete treatment products to solve your concrete moisture problems.

Concrete Floor Moisture Barrier Problems?

If you find beaded condensation in your moisture test, you may have a concrete vapor barrier problem. Bone Dry Products supplies concrete sealing products with a chemical vapor barrier to mitigate moisture in concrete substrates like garage floors, warehouses, basements and more. Our products fill capillaries and gaps to permanently block the transmission of moisture up through the concrete slab, preventing moisture on your garage, warehouse or basement floor.

Our Bone Dry concrete sealers are the perfect alternative to epoxy sealers, costing a fraction of the price. Each product is simple to apply indoors or out with a standard pressurized garden sprayer and will cure within 6 hours. With our variety of Bone Dry concrete moisture mitigation products, you’ll find the perfect permanent solution need to seal large commercial structures or just your home garage.

Questions? Contact Bone Dry to learn which of our moisture mitigation products is right for your concrete floor.
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