Bone Dry’s line of concrete sealers encapsulates moisture in concrete slabs and structures, extending their longevity.

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Bone Dry’s Waterproof Concrete Sealers Mitigate Water Vapor Transmission

Moisture vapor transmission means big trouble for concrete finishes. Bone Dry’s line of concrete sealers encapsulates moisture in concrete slabs and structures, extending their longevity. Our penetrating sealers leave a permanent vapor barrier that strengthens the concrete and prevents surface dusting and mold growth.

Unlike surface sealers, our penetrating solution creates a barrier beneath the surface and chemically bonds with the free lime and alkali elements found in concrete. Bone Dry essentially transforms a porous concrete structure into a solid, waterproof mass.


Indoor or Outdoor Concrete Waterproofing Jobs: Bone Dry Standard Sealer

Our original penetrating concrete moisture barrier solution prevents water vapor transmission from deep in the concrete slab. The barrier protects adhesives, paint, floor coverings and the structural integrity of concrete from the effects of surfacing moisture. Bone Dry Standard also reduces downtime between the pouring of concrete and flooring installation.

Bone Dry Standard sealer covers approximately 220 square feet per gallon.

Deep Penetrating Concrete Sealer for Garages and Homes

Penetrating Concrete Sealer for Sale


Complete Permanent Concrete Sealing Solution: Bone Dry Pro

Warrantied Commercial Concrete Sealer

For commercial projects over 2000 square feet, Bone Dry Pro is the total solution for commercial concrete slab waterproofing. It creates a permanent seal deep in the concrete slab and minimizes dusting, hardens substrates, and prevents mold and mildew growth. As America’s #1 penetrating concrete sealer, Bone Dry Pro comes with a 20-year warranty against concrete moisture-related failures.

Bone Dry Pro preserves commercial-sized concrete floors, and drastically reduces project downtime between pouring concrete and installing flooring.

Bone Dry Pro Concrete Sealer for Large Commercial Projects

Professional Grade Concrete Sealer


Concrete Sealant with Added Antimicrobial Protection

AntibacterialMold growth beneath floor coverings is a serious problem for homes and businesses. Bone Dry Plus incorporates admixtures that prevent mold and mildew growth in concrete slabs and between concrete floors and coverings. Paired with the solution’s deep concrete sealing properties, mold caused by moisture won’t be able rear its ugly head.

Bone Dry’s penetrating concrete sealers are non-toxic and are easy to apply to new or existing concrete slabs. Medical facilities, restaurants, bars and more are protected from mold growth in their flooring with Bone Dry Plus.

Anti-Microbial Concrete Moisture Mitigating Sealer

Antimicrobial Concrete Sealer for Sale


What is the Bone Dry Pro System?

The Bone Dry Pro System is the result of decades of experience in concrete floor sealing. We’ve packaged all the tools and products you need to completely treat newly poured concrete substrates or seal existing concrete structures in your building. 

The Pro System Includes as Needed:Concrete Sealer with 25-year warranty

  • Bone Dry Pro – The ultimate in chemical-based concrete vapor barriers, with antimicrobial properties and added Quick Dry for shortened curing times
  • Etch-A-Crete – Opens pores of hard troweled and smooth concrete substrates to allow full penetration of the concrete sealant
  • 20-Year Warranty – Protects customers from moisture-related failures in concrete structures where Bone Dry Pro is applied

Bone Dry Pro Now Used for Roofing System Protection

Bone Dry's permanent, VOC-free sealer is a cost-effective solution to protecting finished surfaces and roofing systems from concrete moisture-related issues.

Bone Dry Pro protects roofing systems from numerous potential concrete moisture-related problems. These concrete moisture issues can include saturating insulation and cover boards, causing adhered systems to delaminate, or increasing the risk of corrosion to metal components. Applying Bone Dry Pro eliminates these concerns by creating a barrier beneath the surface of the concrete. 

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