Stanislaus County Public Safety Center – Ceres, CA

Product: Bone Dry Pro

Largest Stanislaus County Capital Project Uses Bone Dry Moisture Mitigation for ExpansionStanislaus County Public Safety Center – Ceres, CA

The Stanislaus County Public Safety Center dedicated its 170,000 sq. ft. expansion in March 2017. The $113 million expansion project included a support facility for inmate intake and transportation activities. Inmates needed a healthier environment, and with a swiftly approaching deadline, contractors looked to Bone Dry Pro for quick and reliable moisture mitigation. Now the public safety center holds 552 new beds and more space to relieve overcrowding.

No matter what type of construction project you’re working on, Bone Dry Pro offers speedy and durable protection for concrete flooring. Bone Dry Pro has a 20-year warranty for long-lasting protection against any amount of moisture damage. Order a commercial moisture mitigation system from Bone Dry for lasting concrete work without losing time.

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Fast-paced construction often means there’s no time for concrete to dry without moisture mitigation products. Bone Dry Pro works for new and existing concrete slabs, preventing moisture issues like concrete sweating or mold growth. Our sealer penetrates into concrete pores and hardens the substrate to properly seal concrete, and thanks to Bone Dry Pro, Stanislaus County inmates were able to occupy the expansion before the grant deadline.

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