Rucker Army Base - Daleville, AL

Concrete Floor Sealers for Military Hangars

Product: Bone Dry Pro

Floor Covering: None

Rust Spots on Hanger Floors Indicate Moisture Problems

Personnel at the Rucker Army Base in Daleville, AL noticed strange rust spots appearing on concrete floors when parts were set on them for a period of time. They realized the problem was being caused by moisture infiltrating through the concrete floor, condensing on metal parts and causing surface rust.

The Army needed a way to permanently stop the moisture from infiltrating through the concrete and rusting parts set on the floor.

Instead of wasting days shot blasting or grinding the surface to prepare for an epoxy-based solution, the Army needed a quick, permanent solution. Bone Dry Pro was just what they were looking for.

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Spray-on Application Makes Installation Quick and Easy

Aircraft hangers are large structures with lots of concrete. Applying anything to the entire floor can take a long time. Fortunately, applying Bone Dry Pro is very easy. The base’s personnel just had to put the Bone Dry in an airless sprayer and start covering the floor with it.

The application process is as simple as wearing a backpack sprayer and covering the slab with Bone Dry.

Once applied, Bone Dry begins reacting with the alkali and free lime in the concrete. It penetrates the surface of the slab, filling voids and turning the normally porous material into a solid mass. This ensures a permanent, waterproof moisture barrier while also making the concrete harder and denser. 

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Moisture Mitigation So Good, the Army Used It on Multiple Buildings

After sealing the concrete floor in one hanger, the Army knew what a great product Bone Dry Pro was. They then ordered it several more times to seal the floor in other buildings. With our 20 year warranty, they are guaranteed against moisture related failures for decades to come.

The Army is now able to set parts on the floor without worrying about rust thanks to their permanently waterproofed concrete floors.

If you notice metal set on the floor is rusting or the bottom of cardboard boxes are damp, you may have a moisture problem. Bone Dry Pro is an excellent way to waterproof existing concrete without a membrane under it. Not everybody owns an air base, but Bone Dry is perfect for any concrete floor in need of waterproofing.

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