Williston High School CTE Building - Williston, ND

Product: Bone Dry Pro

Concrete Sealing System for Career Training BuildingWilliston High School CTE Building

The Career and Technical Education program at the new Williston High School required a 20,000 square foot building to house the program’s extensive range of vocational courses. Originally, the North Dakota high school building project did not budget for construction of the separate structure, but with extra grant funds coming in, the contractors were able to budget construction of the CTE building.

Even with the higher-than-expected grant allotment, the contractors worked hard to reduce the total cost of the additional construction, with the goal of affording a greenhouse add-on for the CTE building. Saving costs at every turn was essential, and Bone Dry Pro was the product these contractors used to construct the new Williston High School building. 

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Bone Dry Pro Saves Time and Money during Concrete Pouring Process

Using Bone Dry Pro, contractors are able to reduce the total time spent pouring concrete flooring for any large project. Our penetrating sealer creates a chemical vapor barrier in the concrete, preventing damage-causing moisture which surfaces through the substrate. Bone Dry Pro sealer helped keep the school construction project under budget, without sacrificing the quality of the work done. 

In the end, the school was able to afford the CTE building and its greenhouse add-on!

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What’s Included in the Bone Dry Pro Moisture Mitigation System?

The experts at Bone Dry have developed a complete solution for sealing large commercial concrete slabs for new and existing substrates. The Bone Dry Pro System’s penetrating sealant package supplies everything you need to properly seal and treat concrete to prevent moisture damage. Whether you’re pouring a new concrete floor for a hospital or need a moisture mitigation solution for an existing warehouse floor, the Bone Dry Pro System has you covered.

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Bone Dry Pro – The Warrantied Concrete Sealer

The Bone Dry Systems key component is our exclusive Bone Dry Pro product – the ultimate commercial concrete floor vapor barrier. Bone Dry Pro comes with a 20-year warranty against concrete moisture-related failures. When you apply Bone Dry Pro to your commercial concrete pouring project, you’ll be able to assure your clients against any moisture damage in their substrate. 

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