Whitehall Middle School in Whitehall, MI

Product: Bone Dry Pro

Whitehall Middle School in Whitehall, MI

Professional-Grade Concrete Sealer Used for Whitehall Middle School

Back in October of 2018, Whitehall Middle school in Whitehall Michigan finished its remodeling project. The city had approved a $2.1 million bond to upgrade the school, making renovations to the main entry, learning spaces, common areas, and an additional large group instructional space. The biggest improvements included moving the office to the front of the building and creating a new corridor which creates a hallway loop, with an outdoor classroom at the center.

The contractors for the school renovation project trusted Bone Dry Pro for all their concrete floor moisture mitigation needs. Bone Dry offers a water-based, penetrating concrete sealer with a specialized formula which keeps building substrates clean and dry for years down the road.

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The Best Concrete Moisture Mitigation Solution on the Market

Remodeling projects can be fun and are a great way to bring life back into any foundation. What isn’t fun is having to redo it all because the concrete flooring wasn’t properly sealed and had been compromised by water. It may seem like a small problem, but concrete that isn’t properly sealed is susceptible to mold, mildew or even odor-causing bacteria that seeps into the pores of concrete. Avoid these preventable problems with Bone Dry Pro concrete sealer.

Our permanent penetrating concrete sealer is equipped with antimicrobial technology, so mold and mildew become a thing of the past. Better yet, Bone Dry can be easily used on both new and existing concrete slabs.

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