Wahiawa Elementary School Library – Wahiawa, HI

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Bone Dry Products Seal Elementary School Library FloorWahiawa Elementary School Library

When the Wahiawa Elementary School in Honolulu remodeled their library, they turned to the concrete sealing experts at Bone Dry Products. The library’s concrete flooring was slated to get new carpeting and a variety of VCT tiling, so they wanted to ensure it wouldn’t be ruined by moisture seeping through the concrete. 

Bone Dry for Complete Moisture Mitigation 

Over time, humidity accumulates in concrete substrates and migrates up through the structure. This vapor transmission settles as moisture on the top of the substrate, which leads to mold growth beneath the floor coverings and moisture intrusion.

The contractors in charge of the library remodel needed a versatile solution with a permanent moisture barrier—and one compatible with a wide range of flooring. Bone Dry Pro was the only product that met all their needs. As a complete system, it comes with everything a contractor needs to quickly and easily seal a concrete floor. 

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Bone Dry Pro at a glance:

Bone Dry Pro System Mitigates Moisture in Concrete

The Bone Dry Pro System is a total solution for contractors, architects, and concrete pouring specialists looking to prevent moisture in both existing and newly poured concrete substrates. The Bone Dry Pro product creates a permanent moisture barrier by reacting chemically with the alkali and free lime in the concrete, a process that both waterproofs and strengthens the concrete.

With Bone Dry Pro, carpet won’t start to roll, vinyl flooring won’t curl at the seams, and tiles won’t start popping off the floor. Bone Dry Pro is a non-toxic, odorless, and antimicrobial sealer, making it an ideal solution for sealing concrete in school buildings. 

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