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A Top-of-the-Line Medical Office for UC San DiegoUCSD Heath Business Office

UCSD Health Business Office is a university medical records office found in the Governor Pointe Business Park in San Diego, CA. The entire building is 70,987 sq. ft. and it’s a three-story office building ideal for corporate businesses in the California area. With an impressive two-story open atrium lobby and a unique location near the I-805, this business park has continued to be a strong structure in the heart of San Diego for years.

When these offices were being remodeled, Bone Dry Pro was one of the sealers used in the concrete substrate, and our moisture mitigation system has continued to maintain the structure of the building through all types of weather patterns. Using a penetrating concrete sealer like Bone Dry Pro is the best way to prepare a concrete floor and have your structure last for many years.

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High-Quality Concrete Sealers for Your New Construction

The Bone Dry Pro formula penetrates through concrete surfaces and produces a waterproof barrier within the concrete. The result is a permanent concrete floor protecting any floor coverings from moisture damage. Properly applied, Bone Dry prevents moisture-based failures with our warranty for 20 years. 

Widely recognized for its moisture mitigation and antimicrobial properties, Bone Dry Pro offers many benefits for your new construction, including application at least an hour after fresh concrete is poured. It is the ultimate product for hardening, dust-proofing, and preserving new or old concrete.

Bone Dry’s Moisture Mitigation Products are Available at the Best Prices

Bone Dry will cover all of your concrete treatment and waterproofing projects. We offer preparation, sealing, and coating products such as:

If you’re interested in using Bone Dry Pro for your next construction project, order it online today or contact us for additional information. 

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