Tiffany's in King of Prussia Mall

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Tiffany’s in King of Prussia Mall – King of Prussia, PA

A $250 Million Expansion Project for Pennsylvania’s King of Prussia MallTiffany's at King of Prussia Mall

In 2017, the King of Prussia Mall in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania expanded their building to make room for 50 new retailers, including a brand new Tiffany’s & Co. location. The expansion connected the King of Prussia Mall in the Upper Merion Township with a related plaza. The building contractors accomplished this by building a new corridor connecting the two and making room for the new shops. 

The construction crew for this mall expansion trusted Bone Dry Pro for their concrete floor moisture mitigation needs. Bone Dry offers a water-based, penetrating concrete sealer with a specialized formula which keeps building substrates clean and dry for years down the road. Moisture infiltration leads to many problems with concrete flooring, including mold and mildew growth, metal objects turning rusty, cardboard boxes becoming soggy, and adhesives emulsifying. Bone Dry Pro is a quick, easy-to-apply moisture mitigation product designed for use under floor coverings on both new and existing slabs.

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Antimicrobial Concrete Protection with Bone Dry Plus

Bone Dry Plus penetrating concrete sealer is a permanent sealer with added antimicrobial technology. The addition of antimicrobial protection prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria in the pores of the concrete slab. Applying Bone Dry Plus to any new or existing concrete slab will create a chemical vapor barrier preventing moisture from surfacing, and the unique antimicrobial formula will guard against many forms of bacterial growth.

Excess moisture in concrete is a top concern for contractors working on any major project. If steps toward moisture mitigation aren’t taken, adding any covering to a concrete slab becomes a liability.

Benefits of the Bone Dry Pro System

With the Bone Dry Pro System’s sealant package, you get everything you need to properly seal and treat concrete and prevent moisture damage. Whether you’re pouring a new concrete floor for a hospital or need a moisture mitigation solution for a new mall expansion, the Bone Dry Pro System has you covered. You get everything you need with our Bone Dry Pro System, including application sprayers, concrete etching compounds, and a 20-year warranty against moisture-related failures. 

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