St. Amant High School – St. Amant, LA

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A Flood-Ravaged School Building in Louisiana was Renovated with the Help of Bone Dry ProductsSt. Amant High School – St. Amant, LA

In 2016, the town of St. Amant, Louisiana was stuck with a massive flood, and the St. Amant High School was one of the many buildings devastated by high floodwaters. Nearly 20 inches of water filled the whole school building, and even after it receded, everything from the waist down needed to be replaced due to water damage. 

Restoring the school happened in three phases: the math and science building was renovated in March 2018, the building’s signature “Gold Dome” as well as a new gym and weight room were renovated in August 2018, and the main building with 50 classrooms was renovated at the end of 2018. Students were free to attend the 2019 spring semester thanks to the tireless efforts of the renovation teams.

Bone Dry’s water-based, penetrating concrete sealer with a specialized formula keeps building substrates clean and dry for years down the road. Moisture infiltration leads to many problems with concrete flooring, including mold and mildew growth, metal objects turning rusty, cardboard boxes becoming soggy, and adhesives emulsifying. Bone Dry Pro is a quick, easy-to-apply moisture mitigation product designed for use under floor coverings on both new and existing slabs. 

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Antimicrobial Protection and Permanent Moisture Mitigation with Bone Dry Plus

Bone Dry Plus penetrating concrete sealer is a permanent sealer with added antimicrobial technology built into the product. The addition of antimicrobial protection built into Bone Dry Plus prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria in the pores of the concrete slab. Mold and microbe growth can be a serious issue wherever moisture is present. Applying Bone Dry Plus to any new or existing concrete slab will create a chemical vapor barrier preventing moisture from surfacing, and the unique antimicrobial formula will guard against many forms of bacterial growth.

Excess moisture in concrete is a top concern for contractors working on any major project. New concrete requires a lengthy curing period to ensure it is completely dry, which can hold up the construction schedule for days. If steps toward moisture mitigation aren’t taken, adding any covering to a concrete slab becomes a liability. 

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The Best Penetrating Sealer for Your Concrete Floor

Whether you’re building new construction or renovating a storm-damaged building like the St. Amant High School, Bone Dry is the product you want. Our penetrating sealers are quick, easy-to-apply sealing products designed for contractors to use underneath floor coverings on both new and existing slabs. 

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