Southwest General Hospital - Cleveland, OH

Concrete Floor Sealers for Hospitals

Product: Bone Dry Pro 

Floor Covering: Sheet Vinyl

Hospital Expansion Adds New ER and Patient Rooms

Southwest General Hospital has served Ohio since 1920. As the community grew and expanded, so did the hospital. The ER and patient rooms had become inadequate for the number of people the hospital was treating. Expanding the hospital was necessary to continue helping residents of surrounding cities.

An important part of any medical facility expansion or new construction is staying on time and within budget without reducing the quality of the work being done.

A major problem to overcome while keeping on schedule is giving concrete subfloors enough time to dry. With many projects fast-tracked and contractors unwilling to put the entire project on hold while the concrete cures and dries, moisture problems can result. Whether it’s bubbles in the vinyl or sections of the floor peeling away from the concrete, moisture can ruin newly constructed floors.

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Moisture Mitigation Products for New Hospital Construction Protect Floors without Delaying the Project

Since most construction schedules simply do not allow enough time for concrete to dry, contractors must use moisture mitigation products. Bone Dry Pro, a deep penetrating sealer, flows into pores present in concrete, filling any voids and capillaries. After application, the final floor covering can be installed only six hours later, letting construction continue on schedule.

Bone Dry Pro reacts with the concrete, bonding to it and actually becoming part of the slab.

The result is a permanent, waterproof concrete subfloor ready for installation of a floor covering. An additional benefit Bone Dry Pro offers hospitals and other institutions where contamination or disease spreading is a concern is its antimicrobial properties. Not only does it stop the moisture mold and mildew need to thrive, the sealant itself prevents microbes from living between the floor and the concrete.

The Best Moisture Mitigation Solution for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities Everywhere

Quick application with minimal downtime and a permanent seal mean Bone Dry products kept Southwest General Hospital on schedule and safe from floor failure caused by moisture infiltration. Spending a few hours for proper moisture mitigation means no costly reworks or shutting down the hospital for a replacement floor installation.

Southwest General Hospital now serves even more people with their expanded ER and new patient rooms. With Bone Dry’s 20-year guarantee, they can count on decades of flooring free from moisture related problems.

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