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Concrete Slab Sealing Products Protect Field House Sports FloorConcrete Floor Sealers for Recreation Centers

Sports floors are an important investment for field houses, schools, gyms, and other athletic facilities. Athletic flooring is often a concrete subfloor with a floor covering of hardwood or synthetic materials. In order for the hardwood or synthetic surface to be installed, the concrete below has to be prepared. If the concrete is not sealed and waterproofed, moisture in the subfloor can ruin the floor covering.

The Ping Tom Memorial Park Fieldhouse in Chicago and other indoor athletic facilities install wood or synthetic flooring in their gyms. A more flexible floor absorbs some of the impacts, making it easier on the athletes.

Before installing the chosen floor covering, the concrete must be properly prepared and sealed. Moisture from an unsealed concrete base can damage the flooring above. Mold and mildew can spread, separating seams in the floor covering, shortening the life of the floor, and creating a warped, unsafe surface for athletes.

To prevent excess moisture from destroying the new floor covering, the concrete subfloor has to be properly sealed.

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Best Gym Floor Covering Materials for Concrete Base

Concrete does not make a good surface for athletic activities. The hard surface can cause joint pain in athletes from the impact of running. It also causes more severe injuries from falling than elastic surfaces. Depending on the sport, performance may be lessened, as well. Basketballs don’t bounce as well on concrete as on hardwood or a synthetic surface, such as vinyl, linoleum, rubber, urethane, or PVC.

For schools, gymnasiums, indoor running tracks, basketball courts, and field houses with concrete floors, it’s essential to apply a concrete moisture mitigation product and add a more flexible floor covering. An elastic surface absorbs some of the impacts of running, jumping, and dribbling for optimal performance and to make it easier on the athletes’ joints.

Moisture Mitigation Products Offer a Deep Penetrating Seal for Concrete SubfloorsPing Tom Field House Construction

Bone Dry Pro, our deep penetrating concrete sealant, penetrates the pores of the concrete floor to fill in cracks and gaps. It bonds to and actually becomes part of the slab to form a stronger, permanently waterproof floor. Once the subfloor is sealed, it will resist moisture, mold, and mildew, protecting the floor covering above.

Bone Dry Pro was sprayed onto the Tom Ping fieldhouse’s concrete base, entering the pores of the subfloor and becoming part of the concrete. The fast-drying sealant resulted in a stronger and denser concrete slab. The floor installation contractors were able to add the floor covering just six hours later.

Ping Tom Field House now has a waterproof concrete subfloor beneath its gym floors. Athletes are able to practice and compete safely without worrying about being injured on a concrete floor. The fieldhouse facilities team can rest easy knowing the slab is warrantied for 20 years against moisture related failure. Athletes for decades to come can enjoy their favorite sports on a safe, properly installed floor over a permanently waterproof concrete floor.

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