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Concrete Sealing Company Wins Kenosha Award

Bone Dry Products was awarded the Kenosha Area Business Alliance’s Ovation Fast Five Recognition as an up-and-coming Kenosha company during a dinner engagement at UW-Parkside on November 3, 2016. The event featured a who’s who of local business leaders, KABA representatives, BizTimes Media and former award winners.  

KABA has been a player in Kenosha’s economic development since the 1980’s, advocating a business-friendly attitude throughout the county. It aids in the financing of corporate projects and acts as a liaison between local businesses and government. KABA’s Ovation Awards (formerly Kenosha County Business Excellence Awards) highlight achievements by Kenosha businesses and entrepreneurs who help to improve the local economy through strategic expansions, innovations, and employment growth.

Quality Moisture Mitigation Products from Bone Dry

Bone Dry Products has developed a line of concrete sealers and coatings to prevent moisture damage to concrete and its coverings. Water, latex or acrylic based adhesives often re-emulsify when moisture seeps up from cement substrates, causing failure of floor coverings. Innovations from Kenosha-based Bone Dry Products protect wood, vinyl and paint floor coverings from moisture creeping up through concrete substrates. Bone Dry’s products have become a trusted solution to these problems, gaining the company recognition among the Kenosha business community.  

Bone Dry Aides Wisconsin Construction Projects

Products such as Bone Dry Pro, Bone Dry Original, and Bone Dry Plus also reduce curing and drying times while creating an easy to apply permanent waterproof barrier so you can install floor coverings sooner in the construction cycle. Concrete pouring projects stay on schedule with the quality concrete sealing solutions like Bone Dry Products.

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