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The Best Concrete Sealing System for New Educational FacilitiesNew Providence Middle/High School

In 2016, the New Jersey School Boards Association approved spending $5.7 million on a project to renovate and improve the New Providence Middle/High School building. These renovations included the creation of STEM education labs and classrooms, additional classrooms with small-group instructional areas, a new Universal Science Lab in the high school, as well as various safety and ADA projects.

The contractors worked round the clock to finish the school renovations by the deadline, and with the help of Bone Dry Pro, they were able to reduce the total amount of time spent pouring and curing the concrete floors. Saving time and money is essential for any type of renovation project, and Bone Dry Pro helped keep the New Providence school construction running on time and on budget.

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The Best Antimicrobial Sealers for Concrete Floors 

Whether it’s a tight construction deadline or an existing concrete floor without a vapor barrier underneath, moisture mitigation is a serious concern for all building contractors. Failure to address moisture infiltration in concrete substrates leads to many problems:

Fortunately for contractors, Bone Dry Pro is a quick, easy-to-apply moisture mitigation product designed for use under floor coverings on both new and existing concrete slabs.

Apply Bone Dry Pro Sealer Immediately After the Pour

The Bone Dry Pro penetrating sealer will create a waterproof barrier from within concrete floors, and now Bone Dry Pro sealer can be applied at least an hour after fresh concrete is poured. Most sealers can only be applied after a concrete floor is fully cured, which usually takes weeks, but Bone Dry Pro’s special formula is made to be the complete solution for all types of concrete floors. The speed with which Bone Dry Pro can be applied to your freshly-poured concrete floors can save days on the job!

Save Time and Money with All Our Bone Dry Products

Bone Dry offers a wide range of products for moisture mitigation solutions, including:

Our high-quality penetrating sealers are used by contractors for every industry. Whether you’re renovating a high school or building a new construction, Bone Dry’s moisture mitigation solutions are the right choice for contractors wanting the best materials that work within their budget.

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