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Bone Dry Protects Cafeteria Floor from Mold and Odor

Prior to 2015, the Minnesota State University in Mankato had eliminated two of its three dining halls, leaving 2,700 students to fight for space in a single facility originally designed to accommodate 1,800. In September 2015, the University began construction on a brand new dining facility expected to serve 3,000 students. Dining facilities like these are naturally exposed to frequent food and liquid spills, which can seep into concrete substrates, causing mold and bacterial growth beneath floor coverings.

The contractors building this state-of-the-art facility turned to the concrete moisture mitigation specialists at Bone Dry to keep the substrate dry. Our Bone Dry Pro System was used to properly seal and protect the cementitious substrate beneath floor coverings including carpet, tiling, VCT, and LVT.

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Bone Dry Pro System with Antimicrobial Protection

The Bone Dry Pro System provided everything the building contractors needed to seal the facility’s concrete flooring. Our deep penetrating concrete sealer, Bone Dry Pro, creates a unique vapor barrier deep in the structure to prevent moisture from leaching through and surfacing. Bone Dry Pro keeps surfacing moisture in check, preventing a whole host of problems caused by water trapped between the concrete and the floor covering: adhesive failure, mold growth, and substrate damage among them. Bone Dry Pro is the product trusted by industry professionals and it comes with an outstanding 20-year warranty against moisture-related floor covering failure.

The antimicrobial additives in Bone Dry Pro prevent organic growth resulting from kitchen and cafeteria spills, and the Quick Dry additive saves time for project managers by dramatically reducing the curing duration.

  • Penetrating Sealers: Deep sealing action to stop moisture from surfacing –
    • Bone Dry Plus
    • Bone Dry Original
    • Bone Dry Plus
  • Concrete Preparation Products: Etch hard-troweled concrete and seal porous cement based structures –
    • Bone Dry Primer
    • Bone Dry Etch-A-Crete
  • Surface Coatings: Semi-gloss and waterproof surface sealers –
    • Bone Dry EM Coating

What Else Comes with the Bone Dry System?

Our Pro System arrives palletized on-site via free 2-day shipping to the contiguous US states. The Bone Dry Pro System comes with all the sealing product and tools you need to make sure the job gets done right. The system includes:

  • Bone Dry Pro – Our top-tier commercial concrete sealer, backed by a 20-year warranty
  • Bone Dry Etch-A-Crete – Opens pores of hard-troweled and smooth concrete for better penetration of Bone Dry Pro; eliminates the need for shot blasting untreated existing concrete
  • Floor Adhesives – We’ll work with you to determine which adhesive is right for your floor covering
Order the Bone Dry Pro System today to get a simple concrete sealing solution for large commercial construction projects.
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