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Concrete Floor Sealers for Retail Stores

Product: Bone Dry Pro

Floor Covering: VCT, Carpet Tile

New Retail Stores Need Proper Concrete Moisture Mitigation to Avoid Floor Failure

Modern construction schedules are a fast-paced race to the finish. Everything must be done quickly, which often means concrete is not given sufficient time to dry. This causes serious problems for flooring installation. Even if the slab is a closed system with a proper vapor barrier in place, moisture originating from the free water in the concrete can still cause floor failure.

Keeping retail construction on schedule for the new Michaels and Office Depot locations without risking moisture-related flooring problems required a moisture mitigation system.

Properly installed, the moisture mitigation products will seal the concrete from vapor transmission, keeping moisture and pH levels at acceptable levels for flooring adhesives. Many systems require complicated, time-consuming installations. Water-based penetrating concrete sealers, like Bone Dry Pro, offer superior waterproofing and quick, easy installation.

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Bone Dry Pro Concrete Sealer Allows Fast Flooring Installation 

Bone Dry Pro has been used to seal concrete slabs at many retail locations for a reason. Applied with just a garden or airless backpack sprayer, flooring and concrete contractors can seal the slab without any special training or multi-step prep work. Once applied, our concrete sealer dries quickly.

The final floor covering can be installed just six hours after concrete sealant application.

Bone Dry Pro penetrates deeply into the concrete, filling any gaps and reacting with free lime and water in the slab. As it reacts, it bonds to the concrete, strengthening and permanently waterproofing it. Free water is eliminated and the capillaries normally found in concrete are filled in, preventing moisture transmission through the slab.

Penetrating Concrete Sealant Prevents Moisture and Alkalinity from Destroying Flooring Adhesives

The adhesives used to secure the vinyl composition tile (VCT) and carpet tile floor covering in these Michael’s and Office Depot locations have very strict requirements for performance. If there is too much moisture or the pH changes, the adhesives may degrade and fail. This is often noticed when bubbles appear under the flooring, tiles begin to detach from the slab or the carpet tiles emit a strange odor.

With Bone Dry Pro, moisture cannot penetrate the slab to degrade the flooring material.

Customers can shop in these new stores without risk of tripping or injury on uneven, degraded floor tiles. Michael’s and Office Depot are guaranteed their new floors will not fail with Bone Dry Pro’s 20-year warranty against moisture-related failures. The minor investment in sealing the subfloor slabs with our water-based concrete moisture mitigation system eliminates the need to undergo costly floor repairs or replacement due to concrete moisture-related problems.

Bone Dry will cover all of your concrete treatment and waterproofing projects. We offer preparation, sealing, and coating products such as:

  • Penetrating Sealers: Deep sealing action to stop moisture from surfacing – 
    • Bone Dry Plus
    • Bone Dry Original
    • Bone Dry Plus
  • Concrete Preparation Products: Etch hard-troweled concrete and seal porous cement-based structures –
    • Bone Dry Primer
    • Bone Dry Etch-A-Crete
  • Surface Coatings: Semi-gloss and waterproof surface sealers –
    • Bone Dry EM Coating
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