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Concrete Sealer for Under Wood Flooring in Retail Environments

The first of its kind, the Mall of San Juan is a landmark accomplishment in Latin America. When approval to construct the mall was given, the critical path to completion did not leave much time. Planners of several stores knew the concrete subfloors would not have time to cure properly for the grand opening.

Faced with installing wood floors over concrete too quickly, contractors knew moisture mitigation was a top concern.

Putting wooden floors on the slabs without taking steps to waterproof the slab would result in moisture infiltrating through the slab and breaking down the urethane-based adhesives. The resulting costs of replacing a store’s flooring meant a permanent concrete sealer was needed.

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Easy Application and Fast Drying Keep Construction on Pace

It’s no surprise several stores opted to use Bone Dry Pro to seal their concrete slabs. Bone Dry Pro was originally developed for use under wood flooring in a retail environment and offers a fast, cost-effective way to waterproof concrete.

Applied with a garden sprayer, Bone Dry saves construction crews hours compared to other methods of sealing concrete.

There’s no need to shot blast or grind the surface of the concrete unless there is already an adhesive or sealer on the slab. Since these were all newly poured concrete slabs, the Bone Dry could be sprayed on without any prep work. Not only does Bone Dry Pro save time when installing, but it also dries in just six hours under ideal circumstances.

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Concrete Waterproofed, Floors Installed, Stores Ready for Grand Opening

Thanks to Bone Dry Pro, the hardwood flooring in the Mall of San Juan’s stores are protected against moisture. Backed by a 20-year warranty, Bone Dry will keep water vapor from infiltrating through the slab for years to come.

For 20% the cost of epoxies, Bone Dry Pro provides superior protection and an unbeatable warranty.

When the Mall of San Juan opened on 3/26/15, the stores were ready with beautiful, warrantied floors. Whether your shop is a freestanding storefront or occupies a place in the mall, get your construction done on time with a permanent moisture barrier in place with Bone Dry Pro.

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