Lewisburg Area High School - Lewisburg, PA

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Concrete Sealing for a 183,000 Square Foot SchoolLewisburg Area High School – Lewisburg, PA

In 2017, the Lewisburg Area High School finished building a brand new, 183,000 square foot high school. Construction cost $35 million and gave students a brand new facility with auditorium, library, gymnasium, a school store, and even a TV studio for student productions. Since the project relied on alumni and community donations, keeping costs down was important to the contractors. They were able to use Bone Dry Pro to deliver professional moisture mitigation at an affordable price.

The new school building earned Leadership in Energy and Environmental design (LEED) Gold Certification for having “green” construction. This was partially achieved through the use of recycled concrete blocks. Bone Dry Pro was used to seal the recycled concrete to prevent long-term moisture damage.

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Antimicrobial Floor Sealers for Schools 

The contractors behind the Lewisburg High School project, architects Crabtree Rohrbaugh & Associates and management firm Fidevia, turned to Bone Dry when they needed a low-cost yet effective moisture mitigation system.

Schools face a lot of potential moisture problems. In additional to all the regular ways water can enter a building, hundreds of students can unintentionally track in water as they come into the school. Every gym class or sporting event is another opportunity for wet feet to spread mud and moisture through the halls.

Use Bone Dry Products to Save on Sealing Costs

School districts like Lewisburg High often have very tight budgets. Bone Dry offers a wide range of products for affordable moisture mitigation solutions. Our range of products include penetrating sealers, concrete preparation, and surface coatings.

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The products you need depend on what you’re constructing. Penetrating sealers works on newly cured concrete or preexisting slabs. Surface coatings can be applied to cinderblock substrates, concrete, or brick to create a paint compatible surface.

Quick Apply Sealer for Faster Results

Speed is another important factor during the construction of any building, let alone a school. The district had planned on the building being finished in time for the 2020 class to start attending as freshmen. The contractors were able to meet the deadline by using Bone Dry Pro. The special formula used in our sealer is designed for application before curing is finished, which is able to cut weeks off the job.

Bone Dry products are used at more than just high schools. Construct your next building with our primers, penetrating sealers, and surface coatings.

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