IDEA Cortana Academy and College Prep – Baton Rouge, LA

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A Newly-Constructed Charter School for Baton Rouge StudentsIDEA Cortana Academy and College Prep in Baton Rouge, LA

IDEA Cortana Academy and College Prep is a 75,000-square foot facility built in March 2018, and it aims to serve students in south Baton Rouge, LA. In its first year, IDEA Innovation served about 450 students in four grades. The school sits on a 14-acre site and will consist of 43 classrooms for Kindergarten through 8th-grade students. The school also includes two science labs, a full gymnasium, commercial kitchen and cafeteria, and a multi-sport field with a scoreboard. 

Saving time and money at every turn is essential during construction, and Bone Dry Pro was the product contractors used to construct the foundation of IDEA Cortana Academy. When you have a tight construction deadline, Bone Dry Pro is here to help mitigate moisture and keep concrete strong and dry for years down the line.

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What is Bone Dry Plus with Antimicrobial Technology?

Bone Dry Plus penetrating concrete sealer is a permanent sealer with added antimicrobial technology built into the product. The addition of antimicrobial protection built into Bone Dry Plus prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria in the pores of the concrete slab. Mold and microbe growth can be a serious issue where moisture is present and can be particularly troublesome for schools and educational facilities. Applying Bone Dry Plus to any new or existing concrete slab will create a chemical vapor barrier preventing moisture from surfacing, and the unique antimicrobial formula will guard against bacterial growth.

The antimicrobial properties built into Bone Dry Plus make it a great option for concrete substrates where mold and mildew growth are expected to be an issue. Concrete surfaces sealed with Bone Dry Plus with antimicrobial product protection will stay cleaner in between cleanings, and the antimicrobial technology is built into the sealer and continues working 24/7 throughout the life of the product. 

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