Carthage College Field House - Kenosha, WI

Penetrating Concrete Floor Sealer for Recreational Facilities

Product: Bone Dry Pro

Floor Covering: Sports Floor

Moisture Mitigation Products Keep Athletic Flooring in Place

Carthage College is home to a massive field house. The building houses a student fitness center, basketball arena, racquetball courts and other facilities. As with many other construction projects, the school wanted the building completed quickly and on schedule. This left insufficient time for the concrete to cure to the point where moisture levels were low enough for flooring installation.

Lowering moisture levels at the surface of the concrete became an important issue.

Of prime concern were minimizing any costs associated with moisture mitigation and keeping the overall project on track for scheduled completion. Two-part epoxies, which are expensive to purchase and time-consuming to install, were clearly not an option. Fortunately, the crew found Bone Dry Pro.

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Low Cost, Fast Acting Moisture Mitigation Product

One of the most obvious benefits of using Bone Dry Pro is how much less it costs than two-part epoxies. The total material price is often 20% what an epoxy would cost to cover the same square footage. Where the savings really happen, though, is in the ease and speed of application.

Applying Bone Dry Pro involves no more than a simple airless garden or backpack sprayer.

Your crews don’t need to mix or water down Bone Dry Pro. Just pour it straight into the sprayer and begin misting the concrete slab. The Bone Dry Pro will penetrate through the concrete’s pores, filling voids, reacting with alkali and free lime and turning your slab into a solid, waterproof mass. Under ideal conditions, concrete is waterproofed and ready for flooring installation in just six hours.

Moisture Mitigation Spray Keeps Construction on Schedule and Prevents Costly Fixes

With the speed of installation and waterproofing provided by Bone Dry Pro, construction crews can literally save weeks compared to other moisture mitigation solutions. The critical path of construction can continue on pace for completion, possibly even ahead of schedule.

Backed by a 20-year warranty, Bone Dry Pro ensures floors will not suffer moisture-related failure.

When properly applied, Bone Dry Pro will provide a permanent, waterproof seal. Moisture will not be able to infiltrate through the slab to destroy the adhesives holding the flooring to the concrete. With its 20 year warranty, Bone Dry Pro will keep the floors in Carthage College’s field house free from moisture problems for decades of student enjoyment.

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