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Sealing Treatment for a Retail Store in this Pennsylvania Shopping MallKing of Prussia Mall Construction

When two side-by-side malls, the Court and the Plaza in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, decided to combine into a singular super mall, they needed a new connecting structure. The new connecting corridors would include new shops, greatly increasing the scope of the mall’s shopping options and making it four times its original size.

Located on the south side of the east corridor is the women’s designer clothing store Carolina Herrera, the contractors working on the store’s flooring knew they needed a reliable penetrating concrete sealer to prevent moisture from permeating the floor covering. They chose Bone Dry Pro, the complete concrete moisture mitigation solution for commercial concrete pouring projects. Their Bone Dry Pro arrived quickly after it was ordered with all the essential equipment and enough concrete sealing product to fully and permanently protect the store’s concrete substrate.

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Bone Dry Concrete Sealers Used for Commercial Retail Buildings

Pouring concrete floors for commercial buildings is a time-consuming process, with every moment spent behind schedule resulting in lost profits. Concrete substrates demand a lengthy curing process before wood, vinyl, tile, or carpeting can be installed. Without the appropriate curing time or vapor barrier, moisture locked in the capillaries and interstitial spaces can make its way to the surface and damage any material installed on the concrete subfloor.

Bone Dry Pro can be applied at least an hour after fresh concrete is poured. This means your team of contractors won’t fall behind schedule waiting for concrete to cure – Bone Dry’s special formula is made to be the complete solution for all types of floors, no matter what.

Custom and Complete Moisture Barrier Solution for All Project TypesBone Dry Pro 20-Year Warranty

Bone Dry provides deep-penetrating moisture mitigation solutions for both new and old concrete floors, designed to fill capillaries in concrete substrates to seal in moisture while also strengthening the concrete slab. It not only waterproofs and protects concrete, but it also helps speed up the curing process, saving you time on the job and reducing overhead. With its 20-year warranty and easy application method, Bone Dry Pro is ideal for large building projects.

Bone Dry offers a wide range of products for your concrete substrates, including:

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