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Concrete Sealers, Prep & Coatings in North Carolina

Bone Dry offers high-quality products for concrete sealing, concrete surface preparation, and surface coatings throughout North Carolina. When moisture collects on top of concrete, the surface becomes weak and brittle. The result is cracked concrete and an environment suitable for mold growth. Coatings, adhesives and other materials need a moisture-free environment to properly bond to the concrete's surface. Use Bone Dry products for greater effectiveness and lasting results.

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Concrete Sealers

Concrete sealers are essential in ensuring your concrete doesn't crack, curl or sweat. Our most popular concrete sealer, Bone Dry Original, penetrates the surface of the concrete to create a waterproof barrier. Bone Dry Original is a great choice in many applications. If mold or other organic growth is a concern for your concrete we recommend Bone Dry Plus, our original sealer with added antimicrobial protection.


Concrete Surface Preparation Products

Concrete surface preparation products act in one of two ways. our Etch-A-Crete product works to open up the surface of hard-troweled concrete to allow the sealer to penetrate deep enough to form an effective seal. If you are working with very porous concrete or concrete block walls, applying our concrete primer is a must. Without adding primer the sealer will not properly bind and seal the concrete.


Concrete Surface Coatings

Our epoxy-modified surface coating is a VOC-free, 2-part epoxy-modified surface coating with excellent chemical resistance to common fluids like gasoline, anti-freeze, brake fluid, solvents, salts, acetone, alcohol and puddling water. Our EM-Coating finishes with a nice semi-gloss appearance that avoids wrinkling and yellowing.


Bone Dry Pro for Commercial Projects in North Carolina

Bone Dry sells highly effective, waterproofing sealers for concrete. We offer an alternative to epoxy concrete sealants. The cons to epoxy sealants include:

  • High cost
  • Strong odor
  • Toxicity
  • Difficult application
  • Long curing time
  • Limited color options

Work with Bone Dry and we guarantee an easy application with only 6 hours of cure time! We offer a commercial-grade moisture mitigation package for large-scale, commercial products. Bone Dry Pro includes an added anti-microbial mixture to mitigate mold and mildew growth under concrete coverings. We’ll include a 20-year replacement warranty that includes concrete or finished floor replacement.

Accessory Dwelling Units often require Concrete Sealer in North Carolina

Interest in installing an ADU in North Carolina? An ADU, or accessory dwelling unit, is a small living space attached to or located on the same property as a single-family home. ADUs are used as rental units, in-law apartments or guest homes. Common spaces for ADUs include:

  • Above a garage
  • Within existing room
  • As a separate structure
  • Converted shed or barn

ADUs often require a flooring installation, typically over concrete. It’s important to seal the concrete first, before laying new flooring to avoid water damage. 


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