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Concrete Sealer and Sealant Products in New York

Avoid cracked concrete on your New York property with Bone Dry’s sealers. Our sealers prevent moisture from causing damage. Moisture causes concrete to become weak, brittle and a breeding ground for bacteria. Keep your concrete strong and preserve its integrity with our affordable products. Use Bone Dry’s sealer on interior or exterior concrete. We offer high-quality etching, sealer and finishing products.

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Concrete Sealers for Accessory Dwelling Units in New York

Creating an ADU in New York? An ADU is a great way to generate extra income. However, your investment is in jeopardy if the right steps aren’t taken. Don’t skimp on the foundation and trust our products to mitigate moisture. Protect your flooring by using Bone Dry’s sealants first.

New York Commercial Concrete Floor Sealer

New York is no stranger to large-scale and high-stake projects. Our Bone Dry Pro commercial-grade moisture mitigation package is a great option for large concrete jobs. Unlike our competitors, Bone Dry Pro contains an added anti-microbial mixture to prevent mold and mildew growth. We include a 20-year warranty for concrete moisture-related failures which includes a replacement. Take advantage of our effective and fast sealer. Only 6 hours of curing!

Etching Products for Concrete Sealers in New York

Maximize your concrete sealer by using Bone Dry’s etching product first! Etching products prepare the exterior by creating a rough, porous surface to improve adhesion. This is especially important for smooth materials or those with a glossy finish. Our etching products create a receptive surface for a high-quality, lasting finish. 

Concrete Sealer FAQ

How long does Bone Dry sealer take to cure?

Unlike other sealers, which typically require 24 hours to dry, Bone Dry sealers only take 6 hours. Install the flooring immediately after!

Do I have to use an etching product before I use a Bone Dry sealer?

We strongly recommend you use etching products if the surface is a hard-troweled concrete surface or if your concrete contains any contaminants or impurities.

How should I apply Bone Dry Concrete Sealer?

Our sealer includes an easy-to-use hose attachment. We guarantee a thorough spray and easy application.

What causes concrete sweat?

Concrete sweat, also known as concrete condensation, occurs when moisture in the air condenses on the surface of the concrete. This can happen when the temperature of the concrete is lower than the dew point of the surrounding air, which causes the moisture in the air to condense on the surface of the concrete. Additionally, concrete sweat can also be caused by moisture that is present in the concrete itself. This can happen when the concrete is not properly cured or sealed, or if the moisture content of the concrete mix is too high.

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Common Concrete Sealer Uses

Bone Dry concrete sealants can be used to seal concrete in many places including:

  • Home garage
  • Exterior concrete driveway
  • Concrete basement foundation
  • Parking garage
  • Sidewalk
  • Outdoor patio


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