The Adirondack Club – Franklin, MA

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A New Expansion for this Massachusetts Recreational FacilityThe Adirondack Club - Franklin, MA

The Adirondack Club in Franklin, MA opened in the summer of 2000 and has proudly served the community for 20 years by delivering the most comprehensive fitness, tennis and wellness programming available. In the summer of 2017, construction began on a new tennis, fitness and recreation facility. The new expansion is a pre-engineered building on the footprint of the existing dome and includes two indoor tennis courts and a two-floor, 18,000 square foot multi-purpose recreation facility. The new space will enable the club to offer expanded programs that has seen significant growth and increased demand. 

When laying the concrete foundation for this new expansion, the construction team used Bone Dry Pro as a penetrating sealer. Bone Dry has a specialized formula that keeps building substrates clean and dry for years down the road. Moisture infiltration leads to many problems with concrete flooring, including mold and mildew growth, metal objects turning rusty, cardboard boxes becoming soggy, and adhesives emulsifying. Bone Dry Pro is a quick, easy-to-apply moisture mitigation product designed for use under floor coverings on both new and existing slabs.

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The Best Concrete Sealers for Building Expansions

Bone Dry Pro penetrating sealer creates a waterproof barrier from within concrete floors, and now Bone Dry Pro sealer can be applied at least an hour after fresh concrete is poured. Most sealers can only be applied after a concrete floor is fully cured, which usually takes weeks, but Bone Dry Pro’s special formula is made to be the complete solution for all types of concrete floors. The speed with which Bone Dry Pro can be applied to your freshly-poured concrete floors can save days on the job!

Bone Dry offers a wide range of products for moisture mitigation solutions, including:

Our high-quality penetrating sealers are used by contractors for every industry. Whether you’re renovating a high school or building a new construction, Bone Dry’s moisture mitigation solutions are the right choice for contractors wanting the best materials that work within their budget.

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