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Bone Dry’s Penetrating Sealers Used for Multiple Life Time Fitness LocationsLife Time Fitness

Life Time Fitness is a chain of health clubs found throughout the United States, and for years they’ve helped people pursue a healthier lifestyle with in-house fitness rooms, athletic activities, spa resorts, and nutrition. All of their clubs’ locations total over 9.5 million square feet, and the construction of just one of these buildings requires the very best in real estate development, construction, and architecture. The concrete sealing experts at Bone Dry have helped protect multiple state-of-the-art Life Time Fitness facilities.

Bone Dry Pro has been used by contractors all over the country to seal concrete floor substrates in large commercial projects like Life Time Fitness. The Bone Dry Pro formula penetrates through the concrete surface, fills the capillaries in the slab and produces a barrier within the concrete. The result is a permanent waterproof barrier protecting all floor coverings from moisture damage – properly applied, Bone Dry prevents moisture based failures with a warranty for 20 years.

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Flooring Systems and Sealing Products for All Industries

Life Time Fitness is only one of many types of building projects where Bone Dry Products have been used. Whether you’re building a new department store, manufacturing plant, or a hospital, moisture will lead to all types of problems within your floors, walls, or any mineral-based building material. Bone Dry’s moisture mitigation flooring system will keep your concrete floors protected from moisture and bacterial infiltration.

Our team of concrete sealing experts have developed a complete solution for sealing large commercial concrete slabs for new and existing substrates – Bone Dry Pro has been used on a wide variety of commercial contracting projects. We are here to help protect the concrete floors on your next building project!

Moisture Mitigation for Your Commercial Project

No matter what type of flooring you want to install, Bone Dry has the high-quality penetrating concrete sealer you’re looking for. Check out all the moisture mitigation products we offer for your next building project:

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