Crossway Community Church - Bristol, WI

Penetrating Floor Sealers for Community Facilities

Product: Bone Dry Pro Bone Dry Etch-A-Crete

Floor Covering: VCT

Growing Church Needs to Construct New Building

Founded in 1999, CrossWay Community Church had grown steadily over the years. As the congregation increased in size, they needed a church big enough to hold everybody. Fortunately, they owned land and had enough money to build their own building.

When constructing their new church, the community wanted to make sure it would last for decades. A common problem causing premature failure of new construction is moisture infiltration. Failure to plan and prepare for moisture mitigation can lead to very expensive, time-consuming repairs.

Not wanting to risk moisture transmission from ruining the floor or delaying construction for a time-consuming moisture mitigation product application, the church’s construction contractor needed an effective, easy-to-install solution.

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Penetrating Concrete Sealer: The Best Moisture Mitigation Product

There are many ways to seal concrete. Depending on the product used, the application procedure and drying time can vary considerably. Of all available options, Bone Dry Pro offers the best combination of great waterproofing and a short drying period.

Simple, spray on application, super-fast drying time and permanent waterproofing make Bone Dry Pro the best choiceCrossWay Community Church Bristol WI for sealing concrete slabs for new construction.

Because the concrete was not porous enough to allow proper penetration of the sealant, Etch-A-Crete was applied first. This concrete etching solution prepares dirty or hard troweled concrete to accept the sealant. Once the pores had been opened, the water-based sealant could be sprayed on, penetrating deeply into the surface, reacting with free lime and becoming an integral part of the slab.

Bone Dry will cover all of your concrete treatment and waterproofing projects. We offer preparation, sealing, and coating products such as:

  • Bone Dry Pro – Complete commercial and industrial indoor concrete sealer
  • Bone Dry Original – Standard concrete moisture mitigation for indoor or outdoor surfaces
  • Bone Dry Plus – Indoor or outdoor sealer with added anti-microbial additives to prevent mold
  • Bone Dry Etch-A-Crete – preparatory treatment to open the pours of hard-troweled existing concrete
  • Bone Dry Primer – pre-treatment for extremely porous concrete
  • Bone Dry EM Coating – semi-gloss surface coating for indoor/outdoor use on concrete, brick block, and stucco

Moisture Mitigation Product Applied, Construction Continued Six Hours Later

Contractors love working with Bone Dry Pro because it requires almost no downtime. Only six hours after application, the concrete is ready to have the floor covering adhered to it.

CrossWay Community Church decided to use Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT). The flooring contractor installed the material over the sealed concrete, assured the floor is protected against moisture-related problems for decades to come.

The church continues to grow in its new building. The VCT floor experiences more foot traffic each week and will serve for many years protected against moisture infiltration ruining it or causing mold and mildew to grow.

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